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Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns coming to 3DS in late February

Jan 20 2017 11:13 AM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

The farming series known in Japan as Bokujo Monogatari (which was originally Harvest Moon in the West before Marvelous started self-publishing the game) is getting its next entry in the West as Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns fairly soon. XSEED has an...

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Confirmed: Breath of the Wild is Wii U's final first-party game

Jan 19 2017 12:14 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

Ever since last year's E3, it's been assumed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be the Wii U's final first-party release, but now Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that this is indeed the case in a recent interview wi...

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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 rereleasing digitally and physically in early March

Jan 19 2017 11:39 AM | Jason Clement in Industry News

Remember when Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was announced last month at PSX, and Capcom also announced that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was coming back? The good news is the latter game is coming to a digital and physical storefront near you soon. Both th...

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Nintendo going all out on Fire Emblem with four new games in the works

Jan 18 2017 02:34 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

UPDATE: Nintendo of America has announced that Fire Emblem Heroes will release on both iOS and Android on February 2. Today's Nintendo Direct focusing on new Fire Emblem games came and went, and if there's anything that fans should take away from it,...

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Injustice 2's new story trailer introduces two familiar Superman foes

Jan 17 2017 10:52 AM | Jason Clement in Industry News

It seems inevitable that Batman will once again throw down with Dictator Superman in the upcoming Injustice sequel, but more interesting than that is a new threat that NetherRealm Studios is cooking up for Batman to tangle with: Brainiac. NetherRealm...

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Monday Musings 1/16/17: Thoughts on the Switch and its future

Jan 16 2017 12:50 PM | Jason Clement in Monday Musings

Monday Musings is a feature where every Monday, I'll shoot the breeze about what I've been playing and what my thoughts are on various news and events in the game industry.

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Reggie confirms more unannounced 3DS games are coming

Jan 14 2017 07:18 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

With all of the hullabaloo over the Nintendo Switch recently, fans naturally assumed that Nintendo would be putting the 3DS out to pasture, especially since the Switch doubles as a handheld. But Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently r...

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