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Pinned  Game of the Year 2014: Jordan's Picks

Dec 26 2014 06:00 AM | Jordan Haygood in Features

Ho ho holy crap, it’s already after Christmas! Quick, S.I.R., write me up a Game of the Year article! Don’t tell me what to do, meat bag. Write it yourself. Meh, not sure why I thought you’d help. Selfish robot… Bite me. *ahem* Well guys, it’s tha...

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Game Bundle Roundup for Week of December 26th

Dec 26 2014 07:39 PM | Marcus Estrada in PC

Hey folks, here's hoping the holiday season is treating you well. If you're interested in nabbing a few games for friends or yourself, there's always a collection of bundles to choose from. Here's this week's selection of goodies and if something is sp...

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Game of the Year 2014: WildCardCorsair's Picks

Dec 25 2014 06:00 AM | WildCardCorsair in Features

2014 turned out to be quite the year, despite my initial expectations. A stellar E3, some great announcements (New 3DS anyone?), even a few surprises—like me transitioning to a full time GP writer, yay! But what really made this a great year in gaming...

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Game of the Year 2014: John's Picks

Dec 24 2014 06:00 AM | John Kidman in Features

A wide range of video games are made available each year that run the gamut of quality, from the truly inspired to the tried and tired. One of the most difficult tasks at the end of the year is reflecting on the library of games each year to determine...

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Game of the Year 2014: Barrel's Picks

Dec 23 2014 06:00 AM | barrel in Features

It always feels like my opinion of certain years in gaming tends to go against the general consensus. I found myself with bittersweet impressions of 2013 when Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Last of Us weren't my favorite games ever, and I could not earnest...

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Game of the Year 2014: Ciel's Picks

Dec 22 2014 06:00 AM | Ciel in Features

We have had some highs and lows this year, GP, haven't we? Friends were lost and friends were made—both here and elsewhere. But no matter what, we will always remember those we have lost. Here is to another good year. Here is to keeping on. Here is to...

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Game Bundle Roundup for Week of December 19th

Dec 19 2014 12:50 PM | Marcus Estrada in PC

Heeeeeeeello, and welcome to another week packed with bundles! Will they ever end? Not likely, unless the Bundle Elite (so to speak) tire of them. So far though it looks like this bundle train is keeping on with all the established names. Bundle Stars...

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