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PS Now dropping PS3, Vita, and other devices to focus on PS4 and PC

Feb 15 2017 12:17 PM | Jason Clement in Sony

If you're a PS Now subscriber, you're about to have a lot less ways to access the service in the near future. Sony announced today that on August 15, 2017, PS Now will be discontinued on every device except for PS4 and PC. This includes:PlayStation 3P...

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Monday Musings 2/13/17: How Nintendo can win back third parties on Switch

Feb 13 2017 04:20 PM | Jason Clement in Monday Musings

Monday Musings is a feature where every Monday, I'll shoot the breeze about what I've been playing and what my thoughts are on various news and events in the game industry.

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Snake Pass offers a slithery twist on 3D action-puzzle games, David Wise to compose

Feb 10 2017 01:05 PM | Jason Clement in Industry News

You might know Sumo Digital as the developer behind the Sonic and All-Stars Racing series as well as the more recent LittleBigPlanet 3, but these days they're looking toward producing their own IP in addition to the larger AAA work they do with large p...

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Valve to replace Steam Greenlight with Steam Direct this Spring

Feb 10 2017 11:45 AM | Jason Clement in PC

Steam Greenlight launched nearly 5 years ago and hasn't been without its share of controversy ever since. What started as a slow drip of approving games by means of popular voting by the community in the beginning has become smaller developers' main ch...

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Ubisoft to focus on growing existing IP over creating new ones

Feb 09 2017 01:04 PM | Jason Clement in Industry News

Is it just me or does Ubisoft seem to go back and forth on this every so often? It seems like just a few years ago they were touting the need to keep exploring new IP, but now it appears they're dialing things back with their recent earnings reports....

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Kolin is the next character joining Street Fighter V's roster

Feb 09 2017 10:57 AM | Jason Clement in Industry News

Today Capcom has announced that the next character coming to Street Fighter V would be Kolin, a female Illuminati operative who originally appeared in Street Fighter III: New Generation as an NPC who served as Gill's assistant. She also previously appe...

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Arc System Works bringing cartographing sim Neo Atlas 1469 to Steam soon

Feb 08 2017 12:18 PM | Jason Clement in PC

Arc System Works is traditionally known for their Guilty Gear and Blazeblue fighting franchises, though they've worked on other smaller games as well. But recently, the Japanese developer has been experimenting with publishing games that are a bit outs...

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