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Pinned  Review: Mind Zero

Jul 10 2014 01:15 PM | WildCardCorsair in Vita/PSP Reviews

Developer: Acquire, ZeroDivPublisher: Aksys GamesPlatform: PlayStation VitaRelease Date: May 27, 2014ESRB: T for Teen Ever wonder what happens when demon-like creatures begin to break into our world, and a handful of people who bond with them are the...

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Fans Decide What Will Be in the Dead Island 2 Collector's Edition

Jul 09 2014 02:05 PM | Steve Bitto in Industry News

Earlier today, Deep Silver announced that they would be letting fans decide what to include in the Dead Island 2 Collector's Edition. A survey has been posted on Google Docs listing 28 Dead Island related items and asks fans to rate them from 1 (Do not...

Read story →    8 comments    -----    Deep Silver, Dead Island 2, PS4 and 1 more...

Review: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Jul 09 2014 09:55 AM | Harrison Lee in PC Reviews

Developer: Machine GamesPublisher: BethesdaPlatforms: Steam, PS3/4, Xbox 360/OneRelease Date: May 20, 2014Rating: M (for Mature) If you like shooting mutant robo-Nazis in the face, stabbing armor-plated mecha-dogs, dismembering evil scientists and inf...

Read story →    6 comments    -----    Wolfenstein, id, PC, idTech 5 and 4 more...

Ken Levine Talks About Bioshock Vita and What Could Have Been

Jul 08 2014 04:55 PM | Steve Bitto in Sony

Some of you may remember when a Bioshock Vita title was announced back in 2011 by Ken Levine at E3. The game was met with great anticipation but quickly faded into the background with Bioshock Infinite's many delays. Finally after years of waiting, Ken...

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GameStop Working With Developers to Secure Exclusive Gameplay Content

Jul 08 2014 02:13 PM | Jason Clement in Industry News

GameStop is no stranger to offering exlusive DLC pre-order bonuses for big games when you buy from their store, but according to Venturebeat, they may be gearing up even more to fight back against the eventual takeover of digital distribution. An anal...

Read story →    8 comments    -----    GameStop

Skyward Sword Characters Confirmed To Be In Hyrule Warriors

Jul 08 2014 08:24 AM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

Today Famitsu confirmed a number of new characters to appear in the upcoming Zelda cross-over game, Hyrule Warriors. Last time we got a number of characters from Twilight Princess, including Midna and Agitha as well as that game's versions of Link and...

Read story →    2 comments    -----    Hyrule Warriors, Wii U, Zelda

Until Dawn Trademarked Once More By Sony

Jul 07 2014 05:35 PM | Steve Bitto in Sony

It looks as though Sony is breathing life into their abandoned PS3 title, Until Dawn. Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment re-filed the game's trademark which they had previously let expire. The original trademark read simply, "Computer game softwar...

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