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Metroid Prime: Federation Force finally has a release date
Apr 21 2016  Amidst the somewhat mixed reception of Star Fox Zero from critics yesterday, Nintendo quietly announced via a press release that Metroid Prime: Federation Force will release on August 9...

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Independence Day 2015: Top 10 Indie Games of the Past Year
Jul 04 2015  Happy 4th of July, gamers! Or… You know, whatever day it is, for those of you not watching this on Independence Day. As gamers, what better way to celebrate the day of America’s independe...

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Individual Values: A Pokemon Feature - Week 65: Noteworthy
May 03 2016  Welcome to the sixty-fifth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out ! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday. No...

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Preview: Tom Clancy's The Division
Mar 02 2016  March is going to be a busy month for gamers, with no impending release looming as large as Tom Clancy’s The Division , an MMO third-person shooter with RPG elements. The hype train behi...

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4 PSN Downloads You Might Not Know About (That Are Totally Free)
Apr 01 2016  It seems that every game releasing today has some form of downloadable content to go with it. While they could be day-one downloads, disc-based, or something as silly as horse armor, they...

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Review: Ray Gigant
May 02 2016  Developer: Experience Inc./ Bandai-Namco Games Publisher: Acttil, llc Platform: Vita Release Date: May 3, 2016 ESRB: T for Teen Within just one month, the Vita has gotten two dun...

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Interview: Ciel vs Rumandapples On Gaming and Youtube
Apr 23 2015  Recently, I had a chance to sit down and pick the brain of up-and-coming YouTuber Rumandapples of the Rumandapples Show. You can follow him on Twitter (@everythingisrum ) and on YouTube ....

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[UPDATE] New Trophy, Mode and Menu Screenshots Emerge To Support the Smash Bros 3DS Roster Video...
Aug 25 2014  The roster for the fourth installment of Smash Brothers is shaping up to be one of most well rounded of the franchise. Sakurai, the had developer, is responsible for the slow leak of info...




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