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Adventures of Pip Slated For a Mid-May Release
Apr 23 2015  Good news, Kickstarter and platformer fans; Adventures of Pip— new indie dev TicToc Games' first title—is coming to a PC and Wii U near you very soon. Adventures of Pip is a side-scroll...

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Impressions: Ultimate Angler, Battleground Z, and StreetPass Premium
Apr 17 2015  The two new StreetPass games, Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z , are far more involved than one would expect. And if two new games aren’t enough for you, this whole StreetPass Premium...

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Can't Decide What Club Nintendo 2015 Platinum/Gold Rewards to Get? Here Are GP's Recommen...
Apr 01 2015  Nintendo's final Platinum and Gold reward gifts for Club Nintendo members have finally been detailed today , and as expected, they are indeed more downloadable games. The actual list may...

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Individual Values: A Pokémon Feature - Week Eighteen: Events and Adventures
Apr 24 2015  Welcome to the eighteenth week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out ! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday morning. Also!...

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Review: Omega Quintet (Word Vomit)
Apr 22 2015  Developer: Idea Factory/Compile Heart Publisher: Idea Factory International Platform: PlayStation 4 Release Date: April 28, 2015 ESRB: T for Teen ??? BLAH BLAH VERSE MAIDENS, FANSER...

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Interview: Ciel vs Rumandapples On Gaming and Youtube
Apr 23 2015  Recently, I had a chance to sit down and pick the brain of up-and-coming YouTuber Rumandapples of the Rumandapples Show. You can follow him on Twitter (@everythingisrum ) and on YouTube ....

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[UPDATE] New Trophy, Mode and Menu Screenshots Emerge To Support the Smash Bros 3DS Roster Video...
Aug 25 2014  The roster for the fourth installment of Smash Brothers is shaping up to be one of most well rounded of the franchise. Sakurai, the had developer, is responsible for the slow leak of info...

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Gendered Pay Gap in Game Development Still an Issue
Apr 03 2013  There has been a long struggle for pay equality in the United States. Over the years, much has been shown of the variance in pay between women and men for the same jobs, as with minoritie...




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