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EA's Newest Partnership Could Save Lives

Apr 19 2014 05:00 AM | Jared in Analysis & Opinions

EA hasn't been the most well-liked company in recent years as evidenced by their Golden Poo award wins for worst company in America two years in a row. A third win just wasn't in the cards for them this year, but it can be argued that the only reason t...

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10 Reasons to Play 10 Second Ninja

Mar 28 2014 05:00 AM | Marcus Estrada in Analysis & Opinions

You may have noticed a little game by the name of 10 Second Ninja pop up on Steam recently. Playing as a ninja clad in blue, you must defeat the army of machines that serve Robot Hitler. Yes, that’s what this game is really about. If you’ve been on th...

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Prepare For Disappointment: Sony's Project Morpheus Is Here

Mar 20 2014 05:00 AM | Jared in Analysis & Opinions

Before you rush to the comments section to agree with me completely, I want to make things clear. The idea of virtual reality gaming is a pretty cool one to me that I believe will be a viable thing in the very near future with products like the Oculus...

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Sony Needs A New Face For Playstation, But Do They Already Have One?

Mar 01 2014 02:00 AM | Jared in Analysis & Opinions

Kevin Butler is dead and buried. His Twitter account is no more and the only chance you'll have of ever seeing him again is through the necromancy brought on by long forgotten DLC in a game that nobody plays anymore. What I'm saying is, Sony needs a ne...

Read story →    10 comments    -----    PS4, Sony, mascot, advertising and 2 more...

Why Is The Xbox One Youtube Debacle Such A Big Deal?

Jan 29 2014 01:15 PM | Jared in Analysis & Opinions

It became quite apparent recently that Microsoft was teaming up with Machinima to help advertise the Xbox One in a less-than-okay way by recruiting different Let's Players and video bloggers to praise their newest console for money while also barring t...

Read story →    2 comments    -----    Microsoft, youtube, machinima and 1 more...

Why A 720p Call Of Duty Ghosts Is A Problem

Dec 08 2013 01:44 AM | Jared in Analysis & Opinions

So there has been a lot of talk about the Call of Duty franchise as of late. The next generation has begun, but it seems the shiny new consoles just aren't up to snuff with what people should be expecting from them. I'm of course talking about all of t...

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Fear and Loathing in Los Santos: An Analytical Look Inside the World of GTA V

Nov 16 2013 02:20 PM | Dominic Dimanche in Analysis & Opinions

More than a few months have passed since the release of Rockstar’s magnum opus of current-generation systems, Grand Theft Auto V. As the game was snatched off store shelves and anxiously shoved into the optic drives of Xbox 360s and PS3s the world over...

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