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5 Games You Didn't Know Had Surprising Amounts Of Star Power

The gaming world of today is vastly different from the gaming world I saw in my youth. When I was younger, you would hardly ever see a video game being mentioned in the media unless it was a news channel talking about how games will destroy children's lives.

That still happens, but videogames have become a much more mainstream hobby. Not only is it normal for big name actors or celebrities to talk about what games they like, they're even beginning to appear in games as well. Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls is the most recent example, but in no way was she the first.


Omikron Gets A Real In-Game Concert From David Bowie

Since I just mentioned Quantic Dream's new Ellen Page haunting simulator, I felt it would be appropriate to mention one of the studio's first outings with a celebrity in one of their earliest games, Omikron: The Nomad Soul for the PC and Dreamcast. That celebrity was none other than David freaking Bowie.

Posted Image

Come on, David. Your Harry Potter cosplay is terrible!

Why exactly was the Duke in Omikron? Well he certainly wasn't the main character. Near the beginning of the game you see a man up on stage singing a song that is terrifyingly easy to remember after all these years. The singer was David Bowie.

Not only did he sing the opening theme to Omikron, he was also the man who wrote it. After Omikron was released, David Bowie changed a few lyrics in the song and added it to one of his many albums. Pretty big deal for a new game studio.


Vin Diesel Does More Than Just Star In A Great Game

Underneath Vin Diesel's bald, tough exterior hides one of the nerdiest action stars in Hollywood. While it is rather common knowledge that Vin Diesel is a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, going so far as to have his character's name tattooed onto his body, there is still more to know about him.

Posted Image

These graphics were pretty much top notch back then.

The Xbox game Escape From Butcher Bay is an excellent example of just how serious Vin Diesel takes these forms of entertainment. Regarded as one of the best games based on a movie franchise ever made, you have to wonder what studio actually made the game.

The answer is Tigon Studios, founded in 2002 by none other than Vin Diesel. He built his own game company to make games starring him based on movies where he is the lead role. Did I mention how awesome of game Escape From Butcher Bay was? I did, didn't I? Well it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for Vin Diesel.


Eric Ladin: The Voice You Wouldn't Believe

While he isn't the biggest star on this list, he was personally the most surprising to learn about. You might not know exactly who Eric Ladin is just yet, but if you've seen the AMC drama series The Killing then you'll probably recognize him as one of political aids (hint: He's the male one)

Posted Image

Fun fact: He also voiced Ellis in Left 4 Dead 2!

Just what business does Eric Ladin have with gaming? Well for one, he did the voice and motion capture work for Cole MacGrath in InFamous 2. It blew my mind to figure that out. When you see him on TV you think there is no way he could pull off Cole's gruff voice, but he does.

Currently Eric Ladin is lending his vocal talents to games like Street Fighter x Tekken and leaking multiple character reveals for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. While Cole's own franchise future is unknown at this point, you can expect Eric Ladin to be ready and willing to kill his vocal chords if the chance arise.


David Cross Is Hiding Out In One Of The Biggest Xbox Franchises Ever

This one is less of a character and more of an Easter egg, so I'll keep it short. In Halo 2, you step back into the shoes of Master Chief so you can prepare to finish the fight in Halo 3 a few years later. I'm sure you all know the story by now.

Posted Image

Odds are you never even ran into him.

During the events of Halo 2, it wasn't uncommon to run into random human troops in your travels. Most of them had one random quick line, and then they were off. All except for one, and it is quite likely you never even ran into him while playing.

In one stage there will be a lot of troops running about getting killed while shouting out their generic lines. If you go back near the beginning of the stage however, you'll run into a soldier just standing around. If you stay by him long enough or hit him, you'll be treated to random lines of sarcasm spoken by David Cross.

Why, exactly? I don't know. But you can look it up on Youtube if you've never seen it before.


Andy Serkis Can Play Pretty Much Anybody (Or Anything)

While you may not know who Andy Serkis is when you see a picture of him, it is nearly impossible to not recognize some of his most famous character portrayals. When your resume lists King Kong and Gollum, then you know this guy can act. Not only does he put his voice into the characters he plays, but he almost always does the full motion capture work as well.

The gaming side of things in his career is practically the same story. Collaborating on multiple titles with the game studio Ninja Theory, Andy Serkis played on of the main villains in the Playstation 3 launch title Heavenly Sword. But his acting credits get even more suprising with the game Enslaved.

Posted Image

This is just what Andy Serkis looks like while he's relaxing.

While playing Enslaved, I wasn't completely aware of who played the live action role of the man in Monkey's vision, but I had a pretty good idea. To keep my overwhelming curiosity in check, I looked it up online and saw that it was in fact Andy Serkis.

Even more surprising was the fact that Andy Serkis also played the game's main hero, Monkey. I would have never guessed that! Much like with Eric Ladin, when you hear how Andy Serkis really sounds you could never imagine him pulling off a voice like Monkey's. But he did.


While there are plenty of other games with different actors and celebrities taking on surprise roles, I felt that this list was complete enough. What other games out there surprised you with their high profile voice casts? Why not share your stories in the comments below? Thanks for reading!





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