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5 Unexpected Characters That Could Be In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

In some other year, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would have been the kind of news that would be held hostage until E3. With all the rumors swelling early though it seemed Sony was ready to debut their multiplayer fighting game in an otherwise unexciting week. There's a whole lot we don't know so far but we've been given a glimpse into SuberBot's highly anticipated title.

Unlike Nintendo, who has a whole mess of first party characters, Sony doesn't have quite the repertoire to choose from. Regardless, there's still a boatload of characters that are associated with them, such as Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, and even Spyro. These folks might even be in the game (if their respective third-party owners sign off on it)! So far, we've only seen the first six fighters which range from the expected Kratos to wholly unexpected PaRappa and Fat Princess. Sony seems to have really given free reign as to what kind of characters they'll let into the game.

But who might be in the game that isn't an obvious choice though? Certainly Nathan Drake and others will probably have a place in the world of PlayStation All-Stars but that's not giving it enough thought. If they really want to flesh out their roster they're going to have to make some interesting character choices; or if DLC fighters come to fruition, then they'll definitely need to come up with a big list. Let's take a moment to think about some of the unexpected characters that could possibly appear.

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Polygon Man

Do you remember this thing? When Sony was prepping for the PlayStation's launch in the US they crafted a mascot. Polygon Man was meant to be the representation of the brand; his polygonal face a representation of the power of the system. While the original PS was definitely capable of some impressive polygon counts at the time, it didn't make this mascot a very accepted idea. Ken Kutaragi reportedly balked at the mascot, as it wasn't even Gouraud (smooth) shaded and therefore was a horrible representation of the brand.

Poor Polygon Man was kicked out of the world of PlayStation before the system launched but no doubt left a mark for those involved in Sony and the game industry at the time. As he's only a creepy-looking head, he probably wouldn't be a normal kind of character to control. He seems more apt for a boss character who would be a constantly transforming mass. If not that, perhaps we could expect to see him sneering and being a general nuisance as a stage effect character.

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Bubsy didn't begin his life on the PlayStation, but it was the system where his career ended. Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet stands as a memory of a very interesting time in gaming for all the wrong reasons. Anthropomorphized animals were still a big hit so Bubsy was looking to step into the then new 3D realm. While a game like Super Mario 64 made platforming look easy, Bubsy 3D helped prove that it takes a ton of work to do right. Even if the gameplay were up to snuff it wouldn't change those horrendous visuals.

Where would Bubsy fit in for a fighting game? He seems like the perfect punching bag. His wisecraks are hardly wise and would annoy basically anyone in his presence. His claws and ability to glide would make for an interesting fighter, although you'd have to wonder about the sanity about anyone choosing him. Regardless, it seems like if there's always at least one character in a fighting game roster who nobody places. In the case of PlayStation All-Stars, it would probably be Bubsy.

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Pyramid Head

Here's one third-party character that would both please and terrify gamers. Although the creature known as Pyramid Head only initially appeared in Silent Hill 2, he has gone on to make cameos in other parts of the series. At one point, he even tried his hand at sports in New International Track and Field. Because of his nature of being dispersed throughout different games, it wouldn't seem all that surprising to have him here.

What could we expect from this man with an oddly shaped helmet? Well, one things for certain, he probably wouldn't be quite as disturbing as he was during his first appearance. Still, with his great sword equipped he'd make a perfect adversary for Cloud Strife, Nightmare, or any other sword wielder. He'd be pretty slow and maybe have some other issues, due to his general lack of vision, but there's no doubt he'd be a great competitor alongside sillier combatants like Sackboy.

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Who or what is a Robbit? Don't worry, you won't lose any gamer cred by not finding this bionic bunny familiar. The character stems from the short-lived series Jumping Flash! on the original PlayStation. Originally release in 1995, it was an interesting take on first-person perspective games. You played out the game through Robbit's optical sensors and were able to hop and rocket up to platforms in the sky.

What would Robbit's place be in a fighting game? It might just look like an adorable robotic rabbit but there's a whole arsenal of goods attached. From rockets to bombs you'd be surprised how well-armed Robbit really is. The character would probably be comparable to other animal-like creatures that may be in the game. That means Spyro would probably be a great ally or perhaps a worst enemy. If nothing else, you can expect that some players would be happy to learn all Robbit's tricks to properly humiliate everyone.

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The King of All Cosmos

The Katamari Damacy series is a testament to the incredible oddness of Japanese games at times. Back into 2004, Namco took a risk with unleashing the original game on unsuspecting gamers. What ended up happening was that many fell in love with the quirky and colorful ball-rolling title and it has since received many versions. Although the Prince is the main character, he's rather miniscule. What character from the Katamari world would be best suited for a fighting game? It seems like The King of All Cosmos is the obvious choice.

He'd probably need to be scaled down a bit for the game, or else he could become a boss character all his own. Either way, when not dodging the King's royal wit and weirdness, you'd probably be on the receiving end of a Royal Rainbow. Beyond that finishing move he'd also likely have the ability to call upon the Prince to do his bidding, as he always did in the games anyway. Why work when you can have someone else roll your mess away? No doubt the King would draw some much-needed flavor to the lineup.

None of us really know exactly which characters we'll be seeing in Sony's upcoming brawler aside from the ones announced thus far. What we do know is that the roster is already shaping up to be a pretty interesting selection of characters. No doubt that both Sony and SuperBot will be revealing characters slowly as we approach release this holiday season. Let's hope that we not only get a cast of obvious choices but a few more niche fighters too.

If you were part of SuperBot's team who would you suggest to add to the roster?


I'm not really sure what I characters I would add because I can't really think of any super quirky ones but I do like Ratchet & Clank, Jack and Daxter and Sly Cooper. I also wanted to say that I really like the characters you chose. The ones that are so out there are always the most interesting ones to use, such as Mr. Game and Watch, Rob and such. There's a lot you can do with them (Especially that Polygon head)

For example, he could just be a bunch of different morphs, so a hammer, a basket, a ball, a sword and each one has it's own benefits. The hammer could be a slower more powerful attack, the basket could capture and hold maybe (something similar to DK's barrel move/Yoshi's egg/Kirby's absorption), the ball would be quick and could trip the enemy and the sword would be fast but only do moderate damage. Obviously you'd have to balance it all out but if done right it could be quite entertaining.
I knew nothing about the polygon head guy but that is waaaaay creepy. I can't imagine walking into a business meeting or something and pitching that to your coworkers -- "hey guys, I made a really gross, creepy mascot for PS. He's just a head. And he's purple, and really not very well done. What do you think? It's awesome, right?? RIGHT??"
Omg how cool would Pyramid Head B?




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