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Countdown to E3 2012: What to Expect From The Sony Conference

Whatever happens at E3 this year doesn't really matter to me; I already know I'm going to enjoy whatever each presentation offers. Whether that be cringe-worthy laughs or amazing surprise announcements is still undecided, but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun watching just like I do every year.

While having a good time watching the shows is the only important thing that really matters to me, I got myself wondering - what would it take for Sony to actually have a successful show? What could they possibly show and tell us that would make us all think Sony is going in the right direction? I've come up with a short list of things that I think would make Sony's E3 showing a great one as well as what we expect to see.


Everybody Wants A Playstation Vita Price Drop

As the above title implies, there's a rather large group of gamers out there who want to see the Vita get a price drop at this year's E3. While that would certainly be cool if it happened, I'm 100% positive it simply will not happen. While the Playstation Vita hasn't done as well as Sony would have hoped, that doesn't mean they can go slashing the system's price.

While you may remember the Nintendo 3DS getting a price drop soon after launch do to less than stellar sales numbers, you have to take into account the manufacturing costs. Despite dropping the price to $170, Nintendo was only going to lose a small amount on each system sold, and only for a few months.

Posted Image

Actual size of the Vita pictured above

Sony isn't making any money on their Playstation Vita anytime soon. And if they drop the price, then its going to take them even longer to make a single dollar on their investment. But that doesn't mean all is lost on the price drop home front. There's always those pesky memory cards to think about!

Truthfully, they're one of the main reasons I've hesitated on buying a Vita. Who really wants to spend upwards of a hundred dollars on a memory card? We already know a full system price drop most likely isn't in the cards. But I could easily see Sony rolling out cheaper memory cards and other accessories to take the sting out of that $250 purchase price. And it would certainly help.


A Small Kevin Butler Presence

Remember all of the hype about Kevin Butler appearing at Sony's E3 press conference at E3 2010? Sure it was neat, but as I've stated in previous articles, E3 is more about the announcements and less about the entertainment. The time spent on the Kevin Butler pep talk could have been better spent revealing new information on games and other technologies.

Posted Image

If you dislike the Kevin Butler ad campaign, I could always point you towards the creepy baby ads.

But that doesn't mean I want E3 to be completely devoid of a Butler presence. As I'm sure all of you in America are aware, Kevin Butler hasn't been appearing in many Playstation ads as of late. While it could be possible that the character has been retired, its much more likely that there are more commercials in the making. They just haven't made it to us yet.

What better place than to announce them at E3? People seem to love Kevin Butler. He's a smarmy, home wrecking, car stealing jerk who just seems to be charismatic enough to not make people want to take a swing at him. Sony needs to let people know he's still going to be around, but they shouldn't take up ten minutes just to let us know.


Give Us Release Dates!

There have been quite a few big games announced these last few years at different expos across the world. What do they all share in common though? Not a single one of them actually has a solid release date. And as I'm sure you're all aware, that can be quite annoying for any number of reasons.

Without a solid release date, we have no way of knowing if the game will ever even release. Would we just be wasting our time with preorders? I know I've had a preorder for The Last Guardian sitting for over two years without even a murmur from the developers on a possible release date. And this year will apparently be no different.

Posted Image

"I'm bored... Wonder what everyone is doing..."

While I can't be 100% sure this news is accurate, the word is that The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus XIII will both be absent from E3 this year. Neither of these games with over six years of development time each will have anything ready for one of the biggest game shows of the entire year. But it isn't all bad news.

It isn't all bad news because two big Sony exclusives will have a strong presence at the show: The Last Of Us and Playstation Allstars Battle Royale. While they aren't the only big games that are going to be discussed at E3, they're both the most likely to get their release dates revealed at the event. We know Allstars will be out sometime this year, but what about The Last Of Us? People really want to know.


Better Backwards Compatibility On The Vita

I don't even have a Playstation Vita yet and I know this is an issue! One of my favorite things about the Playstation Portable was the ability to load up my purchased PS1 classics off the Playstation Store onto my handheld and play them wherever I went. It was like having a portable PS1 without any discs!

Of course, that "lack of discs" stole away any chances for a Monster Rancher 2 release, but there are still plenty of awesome games you can get for a relatively small fee compared to some of the bigger PSP games out on the market. One $20 PSN card could get you around four Playstation Classics on your PSP.

Posted Image

Alright Sony, now just do this with all the PS1 Classics and make them work.

On the Playstation Vita, it will get you zero Playstation classics. Why? Because the Playstation Vita still can't play Playstation classics. It is one of the handhelds biggest travesties so far. It is ridiculous to think that it didn't just come right out the gate with the ability, let alone nearly four months since its release.

Luckily there has been a small bit of evidence showing that the feature is nearing completion and will be available to Vita owners soon thanks to a leaked file on the Playstation Store. Sony would be insane not to announce the feature at E3 this year. An official announcement at the year's biggest expo just might be the push that the Vita needs.


I'm excited for E3 for many reasons. Price drops, new games, new information for old games, and of course all of the hilariously awkward moments that E3 is known for. Will we see all of the things mentioned above at this year's E3? Maybe not. But that doesn't mean I won't be enjoying every second of the show.

As always, thanks for reading. What do you hope gets announced at Sony's press conference? Do you feel a full Playstation Vita price drop may be in the cards? Why not share your thoughts and opinions below?


Sony has been doing pretty well at E3 this generation. I expect a ton of PS Vita announcements with release dates in addition to the price drop. Hopefully they have something major for PS3 as well.
I think they will either drop the Vita system price or drop the price on memory cards. I kind of hope they have something decent to announce concerning Move, but I highly doubt it. Move really has become a big waste since they barely come out with any games for it. I'm still looking forward to the Sony announcements even though I don't expect a whole lot.




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