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Do Gamers Need To Quiet Down? A Look At Senator Yee's Comments

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A Californian Senator by the name of Leland Yee was recently quoted as saying "Gamers have got to just quiet down. Gamers have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for violence and the industry's lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest." The argument he's referring to is about censoring video games.

I'm now going to reword his quote so he sounds crazy. "Doctors have got to just quiet down. Doctors have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for curing diseases and the medical industry's lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest." The argument he's pretend-referring to is the banning of flu shots.

Senator Yee should know by this point in his life that if you try to ban or censor something, the people you're directly affecting will come out of the woodwork and try to defend their hobbies and in the case of the video game industry, their livelihoods Does he just expect people to lay down and take it because somebody did something bad?

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Syringes don't kill people; overly complicated radio dramas do.

Here's a bit of backstory for those of you not in the know. This isn't Senator Yee's first time tangling with video games, and odds are it won't be his last. You see, two years ago California tried to pass a law that would make it illegal for stores to sell M rated video games to people under the age of 18. Yee was one of the people supporting that bill.

Why did it fail, then, if violence and mass killing sprees were just as bad as they've been these last few months? Because the Supreme Court knows what's up when it comes to the first amendment. Just because something is seen as negative by some people doesn't mean it should be banned from being purchased. While that should be obvious to just about anybody, here's where things get stupid.

That legal battle to pass a law to ban kids under 18 from purchasing violent video games I just mentioned? That was six whole years in the making. Six years of government meetings, court cases and trips to the Supreme Court. All in, millions in tax dollars were spent trying to pass a law that made it harder for businesses to make money. A law pretty much everyone knew would fail.

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At this rate we're going to have to dig a new money hole

Now they're gearing up for round two knowing it will fail and the state is going to suffer for it. I understand Senator Yee thinks he's doing the right thing by trying to ban violent video games. But he simply doesn't know enough about the medium to understand that he's more than likely targeting the wrong problem. Yes, a lot of these people going on rampages played violent video games, but do you know why?

Because it's a billion dollar industry, Yee! You said so yourself! Millions of people buy and play video games every single day. These same people probably also watch TV and read books (probably less on the book reading part) When you get into the millions, you're going to get a few bad apples. These people are what we like to refer to as "psychopaths." They existed before video games and they will continue to exist after video games. There needs to be better ways to help these sorts of people, but we'll have to wait for that solution. GTA V is coming out soon later this year, and they can't let that happen.

What do you think about Senator Yee's comments? I'm pretty sure I already know, but feel free to leave a comment below. As always, thank you for reading.


I remember they tried to blame the Virginia Tech shooting on video games and it turns out the shooter only played games like Sonic The Hedgehog. Blaming these shootings on games just shows how corrupt and stupid our government is. They might as well also blame mass shootings on people who drink water. It really sickens me that our Congress and Senate is made up of buffoons who operate based on special interests. If Bethesda pumped oil, we'd be giving them subsidies. I was reading that the hundred richest people in the world could end poverty worldwide by giving up 25% of their money. The truth is we live in a sick world and things like mass shootings are not abnormal in unstable environments. Honestly, I think the real motive of attacking the video game industry is to deflect attention away from the death dealers at the NRA.

An intelligent person also would realize that games imitate life. If our government has a problem with gun violence, maybe we should stop killing so many people around the world with guns. There wouldn't even be a Call of Duty if we were a peaceful country.
Scape goating will never end. Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started doing it not knowing what it was, and they will continue doing it forever just because. Scape goating doesn't end, Yes it goes on and on my friends.

Repeat times infinity.





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