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E3 Press Conferences Day 1: End of Day Thoughts

E3 2015 Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End Star Wars Battlefront Final Fantasy VII Remake The Last Guardian

Whew, it's been quite a ride so far, hasn't it?

Even though E3 actually officially begins tomorrow when the expo floor opens, most of the flood of announcements occurs on Monday, making this arguably the biggest day of the week for anyone watching from home, followed by the remaining conferences on Tuesday.

And with that, here are a few random thoughts from me about the day's announcements.


Microsoft's showing was fairly solid, although perhaps not quite as surprising as last year. Their biggest revelation was the announcement of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, which is great service by them, but I don't know if it's quite enough to get people up in arms with excitement.

Rare's offerings were definitely not expected. The new pirate game Sea of Thieves looks pretty rad, and it's great to see them working on something that isn't casual or Kinect-related for once. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that the Banjo-Threeie rumors ended up being false, though.

Also, the announcement of Rare Replay was something I did not expect at all, but actually is sort of an incentive for me to get an Xbox One eventually. There's incredible value there, and ironically, it almost pains me to see Microsoft selling the collection at a price where each game is essentially a dollar apiece; even the bigger, Xbox 360 ones.

Star Wars Battlefront essentially saved EA's conference from being a complete bore. It's almost ridiculous how good and fun that game looks. And though I don't quite remember seeing Star Destroyers in the atmosphere during The Battle of Hoth, it was a cool visual addition nonetheless. The battlefield in Star Wars has never looked or felt more alive; November can't come soon enough.

Ubisoft didn't show too much that I was actually interested in, though it was good to see fans getting another Oblivion-developed South Park game. Sadly, it wasn't too surprising to me that Beyond Good & Evil 2 didn't show up; at this point, I'm beginning to wonder if it'll ever happen.

There was one anonymous developer working on it about a year or two back that mentioned that work was progressing slowly on it, but that it wouldn't be out until 2016/2017, so perhaps we still have a year or two left before we can totally give up on seeing it. Who knows, perhaps Ubisoft will pull a 'Last Guardian' with it sometime then.

Sony... well done, Sony. They pulled off what was perhaps the biggest bombshells (three of them!!) since perhaps the revealing of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess back in 2004.

To be honest, I'm rather shocked that so many people didn't believe The Last Guardian still exists; both Sony and Fumito Ueda have acknowledged within the last year that they were still on the project and that certain recent elements have escalated the game's development, so I can only assume these people are either jaded or weren't following the game closely enough; maybe both.

Also, what's especially interesting to me is that the game is seemingly unchanged from its initial debut some 8 years ago. I was almost certain it would be radically different at this point due to the extreme delays and vaporware status its had for so long.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake was legitimately shocking, if only because Square Enix was staunch in saying that they wouldn't do it in years' past. By and large, this is an amazing development, and speaks well of Square's current leadership and direction. Between this, Final Fantasy XV beginning to look like it might come out soon, and Kingdom Hearts 3's development continuing nicely, there's reason to believe Square is actually listening to fans, and I imagine they'll begin to thrive as a company because of it.

I never was into Shenmue, but I can appreciate its popularity and legacy, so it was also pretty surprising to hear that Shenmue 3 is officially maybe happening if the Kickstarter is successful (it will be). It'll be interesting to see if SEGA will put out a remastered HD collection of the first two games in order to generate hype and get players up to speed before it eventually comes out.

Uncharted is something I still need to play (all three games, actually), but holy cow, that Uncharted 4 live demo was something else. Naughty Dog is a master at scripting action-filled moments like that, and the fact that they managed to give the illusion that you were in an open world (but not really) was also pretty impressive.


Personally, I can't wait to see what Nintendo and Square Enix have in store later today. What surprises might we find? After today, I honestly can't say; just about anything is possible.

What were your thoughts on Day 1 of the E3 press conferences?


I am actually excited for the Xbox 1 now. Seems like it is worth getting finally. I still would get my PS4 first but I might get both like together if I really really wanted to just waste money.


And for me with the Last Guardian, it isn't that I don't think it exists. I know it exists. It will always. But when will it actually get released is another story for me. The same goes for FF15 and KH 3. The hype is great to know it is there but I don't need to get excited over a game that has been in the talk for like 10 years or something that long. When it comes out and we see it, I'll get excited again.


Like I said, all they have to do is show us the remake of FF 7 and everyone will be super happy including myself. But I really wonder when we will get it? It better be a PS4 bundle. That would make me consider MGS 5 or FF7 remake bundle. But mark my words, I would buy that game day one at $60 no questions and play it right away.

Firstly, I wanna say that for their first ever conference, Bethesda did a pretty damn good job. They hit a lot of the topics they needed to, gave dates, tons of gameplay, Doom looks awesome, Fallout looks awesome, I'm finally gonna play Dishonored...


Microsoft definitely started strong with their conference, what with the talks of Halo 5 and the announcement for Backwards Compatibility. It's a neat feature to- I guess- sedate gamers while they try and gather more first party titles and console exclusives people actually want to play. I sadly missed a good chunk of the conference due to work, but from what I've heard and then reviewed later, I saw the best parts at the beginning. And...Do we know yet if Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive? I feel like this is still a debate and no one has given me a concrete yes or no.


EA did a decent job, showing off my most hype non-weaboo game from E3- Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. Game looks pretty, more of a focus on story, and still focusing on the running rather than gunning. Oh, and open world? I'm done, day one purchase for me. Sadly, EA didn't really sell me on much else. Sure, I'm kinda hype for Mass Effect, but we didn't get much of it. Battlefront I'm incredibly cautious of, mostly annoyed that there are so many key features from previous titles stripped away, like space combat for example. The sports in the middle, while I knew were going to be shown, they really slowed down the entire conference and nearly destroyed my interest in continuing to watch. They really need to find a better way to market these things, and while interesting on premise, bringing in PelĂ© is not the way to do it. 


Ubisoft did a decent job as well, though now that I think about it I'm having a hard time specifically remembering anything major from their console. I know they showed off a bunch of stuff like Rainbow Six, South Park, new Assassin's Creed, but nothing hit me hard enough to be gushing about...Kinda sad now that I'm looking back and the biggest thing I can remember is Jason Derulo's performance and not enjoying it. 


And then we get to Sony, phew. I spoke with Ciel and Ludono separately on this conference and both had valid points that I can't seem to completely take one side on. Did Sony deliver on big name titles? Sure they did, we got a look at Last Guardian finally and that it's coming out sometime next year, FF7 remake, while not as a console exclusive is still great to see, Shenmue has already reached it's goal as I type this so there's a PS4 / PC title for ya, and Uncharted looked like...Uncharted, which is a good thing. There were a lot of little pretty things thrown in, some I could care less about, some I really wanted to see more or get dates for. Something Ciel said I couldn't shake was that there was a severe lack of new things, new information and the like. Hitman is old, we've been wanting FF7 and Shenmue 3 for years, Last Guardian has been missing for god knows how long now, Batman literally comes out next Tuesday, and we all knew they were gonna talk about Uncharted 4. It was cool to see the new project from Guerrilla as it looks like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, or at least to me it does. 


I wouldn't say there was a clear cut winner on Day 1, though the fan favorite is definitely Sony by far. It's hard to discern that as well considering the sheer hype behind FF7, though there were lots of other little things that should have gotten hype too. Honestly, my big conference will be Square Enix today and that's what I'm most looking forward to. Though, if Nintendo announced Mother 3 and Fire Emblem 6 going to Virtual Consoles I'll be pretty hype. 




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