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Journey: How To Glitch Through The Wind Borders And Explore New Areas

Earlier this month I wrote in detail about my adventures through the difficult-to-access-yet-fun-to-explore glitch world that could be found in the underground caverns in the hit game, Journey. I'm happy to say that I've gained access to a second glitch world, and I've brought back plenty of pictures for you to see.

Not only are there plenty of awesome photographs to peruse, but there's also a short tutorial on how to reach this new glitch world and some of the really strange and wild things you're bound to find there. Read on and have fun adventuring there yourself when you're done!


How To Slip Through The Borders

Thankfully, this new world to explore isn't nearly as hard to access as the last one I discussed. It's entry point is very early on in the game and you don't actually need the white cloak to reach the opening to the area, though it is recommended so you can get around more easily without relying on the cooperation of a stranger.

This new glitch area can be found in the Cloth Bridge area, the very first level where you can run into another player. What you should do first and foremost is get the white orbs. You don't have to have them, but it just makes things easier. Get the orbs starting from the far left and work your way to the right side with the orb and hieroglyph.

Posted Image

Don't fret if you get stuck. Just keep pushing until the camera fixes itself.

After you get the last orb above the glyph, drop down to the flat sands below. On the far left of the sandfall directly above the glyph there is a small invisible hole you can pass through. Its right where the sand begins to fall off the edge. I've circled it in the above image to make it easier to see.

When you push through the hole, you might think you're stuck because the camera immediately goes to a static image of the glyph area. What you have to do is push forward and start jumping like crazy. Once you get to a certain spot on the wall the camera will pop back on you. Just make your way up the cliff wall (nice and slow) and it'll eventually level off into the Glitch World. You made it!


What Is There To See In This Glitch World?

Much like the Underground Cavern Glitch World, there are a lot of cool graphical glitches to look at. But just like the Underground Caverns, there is some really weird stuff that doesn't seem to ever appear in the actual game. What these things were used for is a mystery, but they're still cool to stumble upon.

Posted Image

Talk about having your head in the clouds. Dohoho!

First off, don't go to where the prayer spot usually is at the end of the level. If you step into the hallway it'll force you into the next level, and we don't want that! The first weird thing you're likely to see is a bit of a cloud sticking out of the sand. Its just a big circle of clouds set down in a hole for some reason. They were probably just testing the animations, something you'll see a lot of out here.

The first thing you'll probably want to do is go towards the mountain. You do have an unblocked path to it now that you've broken passed the winds. Unfortunately, you'll never make it. After a minute or two of walking, the Sun will actually go out. The game is still playing, there just isn't any source of light to see with. If you can manage to keep walking in a straight line you'll eventually teleport back to the start of the glitch world.

Posted Image

A picture I took just as the Sun went out. Turned out perfect.

On your way towards the mountain you'll probably see another unexplainable glyph. Cool, but there isn't much to it. Can't get close enough to actually get a good look at it so it'll stay as just a cool thing to see. If you keep walking to the left of that glyph though, you'll run into some pretty crazy test areas that don't appear in the game. Most of these have to do with the Sun, but there is an invisible room that makes no sense out there.

First, the Sun. It just flips out. The sky turns red, black, gold, green, and blue depending on where you're standing. It'll even set and rise changing the landscape into a night time setting in some specific spots. Its really cool but it isn't easy to find the right spots to get the change you want. As for the room, I honestly don't know what it is. As you walk through the sands a black box will appear in the sky.

Posted Image

The picture didn't turn out very well, but it is a really strange spot...

If you fly into it you can see what appears to be small storm clouds on the wall. The wind will pick up briefly and the sound files for the strong winds near the end of the game begin to play for a brief moment. Another test area, perhaps. But throughout my many playthroughs of the games I don't think I've ever seen these decals or animations. Pretty cool thing to find.

While those are cool, there's still plenty of weird test things to find. As you walk you might run into sand that acts like the cloth bridge near the start of the level. It bends and moves as you step on it, and if you can get under it it'll raise up and push around. This area is pretty small, so it is hard to find. I can't really give you exact directions for it.

Posted Image

Faces in the freaking sand. Details below.

I'll wrap up the test areas with this final spot. Somewhere out in the sands is a large patch of sand with multicolored strings raining down into the terrain. Each one of these strings will change you into a different color of sand. I believe this is just a test area for the different sandfalls found throughout the game, but it looks weird so it gets a mention.

As for actual areas to visit, I'll name just one. No point in me detailing everything I saw! I want you guys to find things for yourself. But this one was just too weird not to share. Out really far into the sands, way passed every normal things to see... Are faces. They aren't detailed or solid, but they're there. Giant shadows in the sand, lined up to make face after face going on for a huge chunk of space. I obviously had to snap a picture!


Before I wrap things up I just wanted to let you in on what is coming next for you Journey fans. I've stumbled upon a third Glitch World, and it is easily the best one yet. It isn't ready to be posted yet since there is still a lot of writing and pictures to take, but you're going to want to stick around to see this one. And here's why...

Posted Image

I found a full sized city hidden in the sands, and it is fully explorable.

So there you have it. There's the second Glitch World in some of it's glory and a tease of the third. I found a lot more stuff than what I posted, but like I said before, I want you to be able to find your own discoveries as well. And just like the last article, there simply wasn't enough space for every image I took. But if you want to see more of my adventure just head to my Journey Glitch Gallery!

As always, thanks for reading! Have you found any other entrances to the different glitch worlds most likely hidden throughout the different levels? Maybe you've found something I haven't in the Underground Caverns? Why not comment below and let me know!?


This is really awesome, I dig those pictures. I've heard about the glitch in the bridge area from various sources, but I don't quite understand how you're doing it. Most other sources say there's a spot on the horizontal plain of the fall you can just fall in. When you hold "Up" there, you'll fall into the glitch world, though it's hardly anything like you describe here. Here's an example video... But it seems like you're using a different method, like you're entering the vertical falling part of the fall, right at the top? How do you enter it? Do you just glide in? Or do you let yourself fall by just slowly walking towards the edge?

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce what they're doing in the video above... I dunno why. Maybe it has something to do that I'm using the European version of the game. Couldn't find out yet if there really are differences between the regions, but it seems so...
I find it better to glide in. If you just let yourself fall in you can get stuck in the wall or pushed back out into the regular play area.
Really hope that Journey ends up in a PS+ sale sometime. Would like to try it.




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