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Journey's Biggest Secret Revealed: Finding The City Hidden In The Desert

As you may or may not be aware, I've been pretty busy with the game, Journey. I've done everything there is to do in the game. Every trophy, every collectible, and every story related hieroglyph has been found. I've even gone so far as glitching out of the different levels to see all of the weird graphical bugs and test areas littered throughout the many play areas.

But I have to say, this new one is one of my favorites. There aren't any graphical anomalies to find this time around, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to see. No, in fact this new area I've stumbled upon just might be one of the best yet. It certainly was the absolute hardest to get to. I went through a lot to get here, so I hope you enjoy the read.


Reaching The City

Usually when I write up the tutorial on how to leave the play area and get to all these neat glitch areas, I do so by taking step by step pictures on the exact path you need to take to get to the outside of the level. This time things will have to be different, simply because it is so hard to pull off successfully and because the instructions are pretty vague due to the area.


No, this time I'll be using the wonderful tool known as Youtube. As you can see from the video posted above, I'm at the very end of the sand surfing level and I'm standing on the far right side of the pit next to that half buried building. Behind that is the cliff wall you'll be climbing. As you can hopefully see in the video, there are small edges you can rest on for a second or two before you slip off.

Just keep trying to stay on these edges long enough to rebuild your scarf's energy. This is important. You will need every white orb leading up to this point in the game. There is no skipping ahead and you absolutely can't do it without the white cape. That's just how it is. Once you work your way up to the large support beam things tend to get a little tricky.

As you can see I'm constantly jumping and slipping around. This is because you can't stand on the beam. The game will let you build up a little energy, but it'll keep pushing you off. Just try your best to stay on the beam while using the least amount of energy.

Posted Image

The Sun really ruined a lot of my images, but trust me, the area is awesome.

When you think your scarf is nearly full just fly straight into the wall. If you can get high enough you'll clip right through and land on a hill below. Just go right passed that hill and start heading up the huge cliff in front of you. After a minute or so you should be standing face to face with the City. Congratulations, you made it to the most difficult to access area in Journey!


What Is There To Find In The City?

Compared to the other glitched out areas, this one is pretty tame. You have a whole city all to yourself, but beyond that there isn't a whole lot of crazy things going on as long as you stay within the city limits. There are a lot of pitfalls you have to worry about though. You are technically exploring an area you were supposed to be surfing through.

Posted Image

While things are tame inside the city, outside is a different story. I'll leave that for you to figure out.

The main problem is a valley in the middle of the city. If you get to close to it you might get pulled back into the regular play area and get forced to surf all the way back to the end of the level in absolute silence, which is pretty weird actually. As long as you can avoid that pit though you get to have free roam over the entire level, which is actually a full sized city.

Posted Image

These things didn't show up well on my camera, but you really can't miss them.

As for weird things to see, like I said, there isn't much in the city limits. But that doesn't mean that the area is totally barren of oddities. On the more unstable left side of the city, there is a constant stream of those cloth creatures pouring into the town. And I really mean they're pouring in. You can watch hundreds of them go by. I haven't been able to reach them, but who knows, maybe you can ride on them?

Posted Image

This little thing was extremely hard to snap a photo of. It just speeds by you so quickly.

There's also the case of the rogue meteorite. You see them randomly throughout the game. Beams of light flying through the sky making a whole lot of noise, then just as quickly as they appeared, they're gone. This one is a lot different though. Instead of appearing and just flying off in the distance, this one circles back around and flies in completely random motions. Due to the randomness it is difficult to snap a picture of it... But I got one by dumb luck.


As of right now, I haven't found any other areas that I can glitch out of. I'll be sure to keep looking, Its been pretty fun trying to get out of the map to see things that I shouldn't see. And there's also that whole getting to write about the things I find so I can share my adventures with you. If you'd like to read up on my previous glitched adventures in Journey, then look no further than the links below. I also have a nifty little gallery filled with some of my extra adventures that didn't make it into the articles, so feel free to check that out too!

PART 1: Journey: Accessing The Secret Glitch World, And What New Things You'll Find There
PART 2: Journey: How To Glitch Through The Wind Borders And Explore New Areas

As always, thanks for reading! Perhaps you've found an area to glitch out of that I haven't, or maybe you just want to share your stories of adventuring the already found glitch areas. Either way, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!


This is pretty interesting. Are these glitches meant to be there? Did the devs put them in for people to find? How many people know about these?
It seems like you really enjoy this game :P You've played through literally all there is - or so you think?! Since I can't play it myself, I just watched some videos and such, it looked "fun?" I guess you'd say? It's a different experience as far as I could tell and from what everyone else said about it.

As with most games I am sure these kind of things weren't intended but people always find them. As long as they don't break the game for others (such as glitching in multiplayer games so people can't kill you) - I think they are fine to have.

I've glitched through areas in previous games and it was quite fun. An example of this is in World of Warcraft you used to be able to scale cities walls and either run around on top of the city or under it. I remember tons of people trying to follow everyone as you scaled the different areas and there was such a great sense of accomplishment once you actually made it. Running around under the city got boring rather quickly, so it was more of the adventure of getting there that made it fun, that and showing your friends how to do it. It's a cool experience to be able to climb random stuff and find your way through to an area you couldn't normally get to. It's the Journey :P that's fun not the actual end point - at least for me!
I definitely gotta pick this game up. I don't have much cash in my PSN account, but hopefully waiting for a sale later this year and get it. Looks to be the arcade game of the year.




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