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What Is Capcom Thinking?! Resident Evil: Revelations Pricing Woes

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Last year the Nintendo 3DS saw the release of Resident Evil: Revelaitons Revelations, one of the most graphically impressive games the handheld has ever seen. Fast forward to today and you'll see that Revelations is now releasing on almost every major console. While that's all fine and dandy, I have one simple question.

Why is a rerelease of a year old handheld game going to cost more than when the game originally released? I understand there will be more features added in and some of the visuals will be receiving a facelift for its debut on consoles, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still a year old handheld game. So whats the deal?


Other HD Releases

Go ahead and jump onto any online retail site and look at the prices for every single HD collection ever released. You'll notice a lack of any of those games breaking the $40 price point. That's including those recently released PS3 game collections. You'll also notice that those HD collections all include more than one game.

Posted Image

Does this look like a $50 purchase?

In fact, there's only one other HD rerelease I can find that broke the $40 price point... and it was Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable The 3rd HD with a price of just under $50 when converted from Yen. In fact, I think Monster Hunter is the reason we're getting a $50 Resident Evil Revelations. Why might that be? Because Capcom is testing the waters.

While Monster Hunter might not be that big of a franchise in the states, it absolutely kills in Japanese sales. I believe Capcom will use Resident Evil as a stepping off point for Monster Hunter. If they can get high sales numbers on Resident Evil despite its $50 price point then they might feel more comfortable in placing the less popular Monster Hunter HD at the same price point. Slippery slope, people.


It Could Just Be A Ploy... Again.

Think back to last year. It was announced that Resident Evil: Revelations would be the 3DS's first ever $50 game due to the fact it required a larger capacity game card than what most 3DS games were using at the time. I understand game cards can cost more to produce than SD cards since they're different kinds of technology, but I'm not buying that it needed a $10 increase.

Posted Image

Look at the savings!

But Capcom stuck to their guns on the game's price. They felt $50 was the price the game deserved, and for the longest time you could lock in your preorder at $50 on various websites. But then, as if they had a change of heart, Capcom graciously decided to drop the price by ten dollars just a few short weeks before the game's release. How gracious of them to make the game cost standard MSRP for a 3DS game.

Now we're a few months away from the same game releasing again and just look at the news. Its going to be $10 more than any other retail HD collection, just like it's 3DS counterpart. And Capcom is sticking to their guns on the inflated price point once again. We'll see just how long it sticks as we get closer to release.


Why Not Just Go All Out At $60?

If Revelations HD is going to be a full fledged console game, why not give it a full fledged console game price? $60 appears to be the norm these days, so why didn't Capcom go with that price point? Two reasons. Firstly, they aren't that crazy. It might seem like it, but even they have to know people would revolt at a $60 year old handheld port releasing on consoles.

Posted Image

Nice face there, Leon.

Secondly, they can make more than $60 on each copy sold once the inevitable DLC starts releasing. If Capcom really decided to push the price of Revelations all the way to $60 then they would run the risk of turning away a lot of potential costumers. Obviously that isn't something they want. While people will be more hesitant spending the extra ten dollars if they had to add the additional $50 onto the price, they might not consider it if the $10 increase comes later in DLC.

And trust me, there will be DLC. Its a Capcom game, so it kind of comes with the territory. Don't be surprised if people find DLC on the disc when the game first releases. There's no guarantee, but when a company has to start putting out press releases ahead of game's release to explain why the game has locked content on the disc, then you know there's going to be DLC at some point.

All of this is just me guessing. I could be completely wrong with my beliefs, but looking back on Capcom's record, I really wouldn't be surprised if one or even all of these scenarios play out over the next few months. What do you think about Revelation's pricing? Are you going to point out that you live in New Zealand where prices are crazy by law? Why not post in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading.


I'll be getting this game for the Wii U but not at $50 especially since I already played it on the 3DS. I'd feel comfortable paying $20-$30 and even that's a lot for a port. I feel like Capcom overpriced this game just like they often do with stuff like digital download games. I'm not sure how long it will take, but gamers will eventually feel burned by this.
Seeing as it's not just a straight up port ofthe 3DS version (that would be...odd) but not really a "new' game I'd say $50 is a good price point. I'm fine with that, and I'm sure it'll be discounted in no time. I REALLY want to play this as I still haven't played the 3DS version and RE6 was a bit...bad.
"Whats Capcom thinking?" I thought we already knew that they don't think...

Capcom only cares about money. The really sad thing is they don't even know how to do a good job of making it anymore.
You guys are just trying to stir up controversy with this article...

Actually, I'm kidding. I kind of want to play the Revelations port but the 3DS original did nothing to impress me enough to drop $50. This is something that should have been a $20-20.99 digital download at most.
50 bucks for a Handheld game? WHAT

I mean hell what are those vita games like 40? That's too damn much.

I wouldn't pay more then 20 for ANY hand-held game, i dont' care how cool it is.

But yea you know Capcom. I"M SURE there is some disc locked content on that there "HD" remix too. PLAY AS DUH NEMEISISISZ

I wouldn't pay more then 20 for ANY hand-held game, i dont' care how cool it is.

Your loss.




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