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Gendered Pay Gap in Game Development Still an Issue

Apr 03 2013 03:20 PM | Marcus Estrada in Facts and Statistics

There has been a long struggle for pay equality in the United States. Over the years, much has been shown of the variance in pay between women and men for the same jobs, as with minorities. With the games industry being a massive institution, it follow...

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GameStop Reports 269 Million Dollar Loss

Mar 28 2013 06:52 PM | Captain Gaiages in Facts and Statistics

Gaming retailer mega-giant GameStop have recently released their sales and earnings report for the fiscal year 2012, and... well, the company seems to be struggling a bit. The report shows a net loss of $269 million, despite the corporation makin...

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NPD Group Releases 2012 Stats for Gaming Purchases

Feb 06 2013 06:40 PM | Marcus Estrada in Facts and Statistics

Are you hungry for the cold hard numbers of American consumer spending when it comes to video games? If so, you've got oddly specific tastes, but are also in luck! The NPD Group released the 2012 Games Market Dynamic: US report today which deta...

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Gaming Stocks Down in Response to Newtown Tragedy

Jan 01 2013 09:05 AM | Marcus Estrada in Facts and Statistics

The terrible events that struck Newtown occurred only a few weeks back and the response is still being felt. As one might expect, gun manufactures have seen a lot of negative attention both politically and within the stock market. Would you expect that...

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THQ Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Dec 19 2012 12:20 PM | Jason Clement in Facts and Statistics

There's no doubt that THQ has had a rough year already, so it might not be surprising for many to hear that THQ has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy today in light of their recent financial issues. As part of the arrangement, they have also entered...

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Xbox 360 Sales Higher than Wii U Over Black Friday

Nov 27 2012 11:05 PM | Marcus Estrada in Facts and Statistics

Did you brave the masses and cold to shop on Black Friday? The whole week was peppered with deals so even if you didn't go out, chances are high you were able to purchase something. Regardless, droves of people went out from November 18th to 23rd a...

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007 Legends Developer Undergoes Massive Layoffs

Nov 26 2012 08:22 PM | Jason Clement in Facts and Statistics

Just a few days ago, developer Eurocom confirmed that they were affected by layoffs due to certain changing circumstances. The studio will be reducing its workforce from 150 to just 50, according to a statement from studio director Hugh Binns. "Eu...

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