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Memory Lane: January Releases Throughout the Years

Mar 02 2014 01:50 PM | Jason Clement in Features

Wait a minute- January releases? Isn't this March? Yep, we're a little bit late with this feature (okay, we're a LOT late with this) and now we're playing catch-up, but better late than never, eh? And with Elizabeth (Gaiages) taking a breather from the...

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Looking Back: The Top 5 Greatest Achievements From Last Generation

Feb 25 2014 06:00 AM | Jordan Haygood in Features

So the newest generation of home console gaming has finally finished arriving, and while the previous generation of home consoles is still on its way out, now’s a good time for us to look back at all the good it brought to our expensive hobby. All gene...

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The Five Comfiest Places In Recent Gaming History

Feb 01 2014 06:00 AM | Jared in Features

Have you ever spent a few years away from home, only to come back and see everything was exactly the way you left it? If you have, then you know about that warm fuzzy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, and the waves of nostalgia that wash over...

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Game of the Year 2013: GP's Top 10

Jan 09 2014 08:16 PM | Jason Clement in Features

What can be said about gaming in 2013 that hasn't already been said? The year will go down as one of the best in recent history for its many unique and diverse top-notch experiences. That said, it's finally time to bring an end to this Game of the Year...

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13 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums from December 2013

Jan 05 2014 01:20 PM | gaiages in Features

Tis the season of giving! While we saw that the game industry tends to be a bit lethargic on the releases during December, out generous musicians are anything but. This month brings us many musical gifts, with enough albums to placate a variety of musi...

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Game of the Year 2013: Jason's Picks

Jan 03 2014 06:00 AM | Jason Clement in Features

2013 was quite a memorable year in my book. A landmark year, I might add. Much of its import comes from the fact that two new consoles launched, officially beginning the next generation, but don't let that distract you from the fact that the last gener...

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Game of the Year 2013: Harrison's Picks

Jan 01 2014 06:00 AM | Harrison Lee in Features

Looking back on launches in 2013 is almost staggering. With the introduction of a new generation of consoles, further advancements in PC tech and hundreds of new games, 2013 may very well be one of the best years in gaming. However, not everything intr...

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