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10 Great, Free iOS Games To Get Your Mobile Gaming On

Moblie Gaming iOS Free

What's that? You say that mobile gaming isn't legit? You say that it's full of shovelware that isn't worth anyone's time? How wrong you are, and I'm about to show you why.

Mobile gaming has become the new casual gaming market. Like the Wii was in the past, those just looking for a quick gaming fix or something that isn't overly complicated have found a place to find those games. While most mobile games don't cater to the hardcore, elite crowds, there's still plenty of fun to be had in many iOS or Android games.

Best of all, a lot of these games are either very cheap or free... so what's the harm in trying them out? Let's check out ten very different, very free iOS games you should download today... maybe it'll change your mind about mobile gaming.


Punch Quest

Posted Image

If there's one genre mobile gaming is well known for, it's the 'runner' genre. The runner games basically have a character running non-stop, and the player has to jump or otherwise evade the obstacles in the character's way. Punch Quest is a runner game, but it's also so much more. Your character punches through the opposition, and you can even learn combos from points you earn to effectively take down different baddies. With that and branching levels, Punch Quest has a lot of depth for a game of its genre.


Battle Cats

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I can use one word to describe Battle Cats: Japanese. You take a team of cats (such as Sumo Cat, Panties Cat, or Bahamut Cat), and go over to various stages around the game world. This is a tower defense game, with our kittens fighting against seals, kangaroos, and other wildlife, but there's no fear of winning when you have a cat made of lady legs.

No, I didn't mistype that.


Bejeweled Blitz

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Bejeweled is an old puzzle match-3 series, but Bejeweled Blitz brings a new element to the series' table... and that is a time limit. In this mobile and Facebook game, you have a mere sixty seconds to get the highest score possible, and with the Facebook interactivity, you can easily see how well your friends did, too. There's also a slew of neat special powers you can use, too. Mix it all together, and Bejeweled Blitz goes great on the iOS.


Lost Treasures of Infocom

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Classic games always have an audience on a mobile device (just look at Square's multiple ports), but what about text-based adventure games? Well, The Lost Treasures of Infocom has a bunch of good old text adventures to play on your shiny new-age Apple device... and the best part is that it's all free! With a total of 20 games, including five Zork games, this compilation is bound to entertain you for a while.


Pixel People

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Simulation games go quite well on a mobile device... especially one as well-thought out and deep as Pixel People. Being the survivors of some kind of world destroying event, your little guys are forced to rebuild and jump start society. One of the interesting aspects is that you can unlock new classes of people by accomplishing certain tasks, giving you a reason to try different strategies and combinations for your new city. It may be a bit difficult to swallow for genre newbies, but Pixel People has quite a bit going for it for the simulation fan.


Draw Something!

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Sometimes, when you have a neat touch screen, all you want to do is doodle a few things. Thankfully, there's just the free game for you! Draw Something! is essentially a mobile version of the board game Pictionary, and it's nothing short of amazingly fun to see what people think of. With added Facebook integration to challenge friends and share pictures, it seems to be a great evolution to a fun (previously paper and pen) game.


Tiny Tower

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You may have already heard of Tiny Tower, the simulation game involving building a tower for people to live and work in. However, it's a great game that mobile gamers need to be reminded of. The simple addiction of building your tower, gathering new residents, and slowly creating a self-sufficient society in just one building creates a sense fun and accomplishment that few games can give. Also, Tiny Tower is not quite as in-depth and complicated as Pixel People above, making it better for those that are just getting into the mobile simulation genre.


Knights of Pen & Paper

Posted Image

When I spoke of 'pen and paper' earlier, I didn't mean in the Dungeons & Dragons sense, but that is what I mean now. Knights of Pen & Paper is a (recently made free) RPG that is pretty much a stylized D&D game made mobile. You go on quests, fight bandits and go in sewers, roll dice, and even play as the Dungeon Master from time to time. It's a boon for D&D fans that want to play in between their real-life sessions.


Angry Birds

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What? You thought Angry Birds cost money? It did. However, the developers very recently put the original up in the App Store for free... probably since practically everyone already owns a copy anyway. For those that don't, though, Angry Birds offers a fun puzzle experience involving round little birds beating up round little pigs. It may sound silly, but there's a reason everyone owns it!


Ice Cream Jump

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Ice Cream Jump is a cute and endearing game. It's also a re-skinning of the equally free Happy Poo Jump, but I prefer playing as an ice cream scoop than a pile of poop, so there you have it. Anyway, Ice Cream Jump is what you would expect from the title: Have your sweet buddy jump upwards from platform to platform, gathering coins and avoiding flies and trying to get the highest score possible. It's fun for short bursts, making it a great mobile game to play while in transit or just waiting for something to happen.

Doubt the power of the Apple now? Ten games, all free, and they cater to various and wide audiences alike. Go ahead and give them a download... you might be surprised by how much you enjoy them!

So... which of the games listed above did you like most? Any mobile or iOS games you recommend, free or otherwise? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, a big shout-out to Elizabeth for helping me find some of the picks above! Thank you!


Woo! Thanks for sharing gaia! Also do you want to play some Draw Something sometime? Haven't played that game in a year.

Random though..I think Tower of Greed should be a free game to play on iOS too. That game is addicting and Kiky has the highest score on GDD.

I downloaded that Pixel People game. Looks interesting, lol. Great list by the way.

Ooh, I am the MASTER of free games on iOS! Literally the greatest app ever is a simple one, titled "AppShopper". It's run by TouchArcade I think, or an affiliate of theirs, and it basically updates you on price changes, updates, and new releases of games all across iOS (or at least, for your device). So what I do is set the tabs to "Free", "Price Changes", and "iPhone". I then put it to "Popular" instead of "All", as I don't wanna hear about some crappy Korean game about the ABCs that went free. ;D


Try it out! It's so awesome, I swear.


League of Evil 2 is free for a week for instance! I loved the first one, so get that game as soon as you can if you love pixelly platformers. :)

@TK - But, but, I heard Draw Something 2 just came out today!  :D  That makes my article a tad outdated, BUT STILL.


@Pixel - Oh shiz, that's an awesome app!  I'll have to give it a try... I have a lot of trouble keeping up on all the sales/price changes.  Thanks!




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