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13 Completely Free Video Game Music Albums From March 2013

Video Game Music Game Albums Free

So, you love video game music. Who doesn't? It's especially great when you can get it for free! Imagine, being able to own some of your favorite gaming tunes, remixes, and interpretations legally for free... sounds awesome, doesn't it? However, where can you find these generous offerings by talented musicians with the Internet being so vast?

Right here, of course! Every month I'll go over all the free gaming albums released, giving you an easy way to click, download, and listen to some great music! This month is especially full of some varied and great music... so let's get started.


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This first album is a set of four tracks from the game Sound Shapes. The game was originally released last year for the Vita and PlayStation 3, and is a platformer with a strong focus on its audio and how you can interact with it. That said, Jim Guthrie states on the Bandcamp page that, "These mixes are merely suggested servings and if you'd like to remix then please pickup Sound Shapes for PS3 or PS Vita." However, these mixes sound good enough to me!

Sample Tracks: You'll have to check the download link!
Download Here


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Holy Whiplash - A Castlevania Tribute

There's something I really like about The Plasmas. Perhaps it's their rock tributes of some awesome tracks... or maybe it's just that they give their (what must be time-consuming) music away for free. Whatever it is, Holy Whiplash is a great compilation of remixed Castlevania tracks. Castlevania just always sounds... right in a rock genre form, so this eighteen track album is sure to strike the right chord.

Sample Tracks: Wicked Child, Heart of Fire
Download Here


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Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute

About once a month, OCRemix releases an official album featuring a bunch of remixes based on a certain game or series. They skipped February, but this month we get a nice, meaty album based off of Kirby Super Star. I always found Kirby music whimsical and fun to listen too, and this album doesn't fail to deliver awesome and varied remixes to the SNES game's soundtrack. If you like Kirby, OCRemix, or both, give it a download!

Sample Tracks: Kirby no Nozomi, Welcome to the Galaxy
Download Here


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Boy Without a Fairy

There's nothing wrong with hip-hop. Just look at Boy Without a Fairy, Dr. Awkward's lyrical tribute to The Ocarina of Time. This album mixes some of Ocarina of Time's most memorable tracks with some nerdcore rap flavor, making for an odd, but intriguing tribute.

Sample Track: Boy Without a Fairy
Download Here


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Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington - Music from the Video Game

Whew, that's a long title! It's also one that makes my job easy, since there's no question as to what this album is about. It may not be the entirety of Assassin's Creed III's soundtrack, but it's always nice to have some of it! The Facebook for Assassin's Creed III in Spain posted the link to this DLC soundtrack... but they ended up getting the link wrong, so it had to be modified slightly to work, which I've included here.

Sample Tracks: Frontier at Arms, Solitude
Download Here


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Ledjent of Zelda

Two Legend of Zelda tracks in one month? We're being spoiled! Anyway, if you look at Ledjent of Zelda's album cover, you can probably figure out what this is: A metal cover of some of The Legend of Zelda's tracks. There are only four tracks, but they are long and rockin' the whole time. If you like metal, Mega Beardo's offering is for you.

Sample Tracks: The bandcamp page is the only place with the complete tracks.
Download Here


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Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation

I've never played the Deus Ex games, so I never knew they really have a soundtrack people would want to remix. However, some musicians over at OCRemix decided to show me what's up. Yes, that's right, another OCRemix project! Anyway, this four track album gives you some great remixes... if you can figure out how to download it!

Sample Tracks: Go to the Facebook pages for the previews!
Download Here - Okay, this one's complicated. First, you need a Facebook account. When you can get to the page, you have to right click the cart icon on each track individually and select 'Save Link As...' to get the tracks.


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Mega Man X - The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012

Did you know that the tracks from the Mega Man X series can be mashed well together? Neither did I, but DarkSworde and the OCRemix forum force show us what's up. In actuality, this isn't the first time this mash-up remix battle has been done, either; this was also done back in 2010, and included in OCRemix's Mega Man X tribute album. This fifty-three track album includes all of the entries, from first to last place, so you'll have a lot of interesting mash-ups to listen to!

Sample Tracks: Stinging Clavi-Shuffle, Strange Place
Download Here


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AlterEgo DreamWalker OST

AlterEgo: DreamWalker is the sequel to the mobile game AlterEgo, which in turn is inspired by the 1986 game called Alter Ego. Whew! Anyway, the newer games sport a retro aesthetic and neat gameplay mechanics... but how does that reflect on the soundtrack? It has a neat chiptune sound, but still modernized and great sounding. Even if you don't plan on playing the game, give the OST a listen!

Sample Track: Magical Stroll
Download Here


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Ahoge Chanbara Original Soundtrack

Sometimes, when looking through gaming soundtracks, you can learn of a game that you've never heard of before... and that ended up being the case with me and Ahoge Chanbara. It's a very... Japanese mobile release, involving cute chibi girls beating each other up with their crazy hair styles. You can even earn points and upgrade to more powerful, eccentric hair styles. Seriously... and this is the game's soundtrack. It's cutesy and fitting for the game, so go ahead and give a listen.

Sample Tracks: Sorry, you'll have to go to the Bandcamp page.
Download Here


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Remixing With the Stars: Season 1

What's this? Not one, not two, not even three... but FOUR OCRemix related releases in one month? This is crazy! Anyway, MindWanderer's Remixing With the Stars is a very interesting concept for the OCRemix forums. Basically, new remixers could team up with OCR veterans to remix gaming tracks, learning from their mentors and eventually ending in a 'season finale' where the newbies would remix a previous track all by themselves and show off what they learned. This album is the accumulation of all of the first season, so it's full of some new faces and remixes!

Sample Tracks: Download only; no samples, sorry!
Download Here


Posted Image

Mass Effectively

While he can't keep up with the output of a huge group of remixers, Shiryu puts out albums about as often as OCRemix puts out official albums... that's quite a feat considering he's one man! This month Shiryu created a tribute album to the Mass Effect series. Shiryu has a bit of an odd musical style at times, but if you love Mass Effect odds are you'll love this offering.

Sample Track: Fight or Flight
Download Here


Oldie But Still a Freebie!

Posted Image

NES Jams

That's right! From now on, not only will I go over all the free releases of the month, but I also will be highlighting an older free album to show off. Why? Because even though they aren't the newest releases, they still deserve some love!

NES Jams is a very interesting album. Creator Shnabubula mixes NES tracks with the piano, and it works to amazing results. These eleven tracks are all top notch creations, masterfully and lovingly melding the two very different sounds together. If you don't download this now, you're missing out!

Sample Tracks: Temple (Zelda 2), Gemini Man
Download Here


That's all for this month... thirteen great albums that vary from retro to rocking. The best part? There will be more come the end of April! If you need more, though, you can always check out my earlier entry, and I'll see you next month!

Which albums do you like best? Any I missed? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Friday Gaia! Thanks for more awesome music! Man gotta clean up my HDD to make some room for these.
Buht......Banjo Kazooie's soundtrack went free! D:

Unless that was like, April 1st or 2nd. In that case, darn! Just missed out on the month deadline haha.




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