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PSX 2016: The Last of Us 2 announced, focuses on Ellie

Dec 03 2016 05:53 PM | Jason Clement in Sony

How about that PSX 2016, huh? Naughty Dog revealed the upcoming standalone story Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, so it seemed like they couldn't have had anything else in store, so it was a fairly big surprise when they capped off the press conference by r...

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PSX 2016: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy revealed

Dec 03 2016 04:44 PM | Jason Clement in Sony

Ever since finishing Uncharted 4 last year, fans have been wondering what Naughty Dog's follow-up story DLC would be about. Given that the bow was wrapped neatly on Nathan Drake's story, many theorized that the DLC would focus on his brother, Sam. Tha...

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Wario Land: Shake It! and Excitebike 64 arrive on the Wii U eShop today

Nov 17 2016 11:37 AM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

If you haven't been paying attention as of late, the eShop has been surprisingly steady with Virtual Console releases since earlier last Summer now. Today brings two pretty big, high-profile releases to the Wii U eShop in the form of Wario Land: Shake...

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Mass Effect 2 and 3 are now Xbox One Backward Compatible

Nov 07 2016 02:55 PM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

If you've been clamoring to replay your old Xbox 360 copies of Mass Effect 2 and 3 but don't want to dust off and hook up your Xbox 360 to play them, I have good news for you. Xbox's Larry Hryb confirmed today that in light of N7 Day, Mass Effect 2 an...

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Update on GP Forums - 11/2/16

Nov 02 2016 05:54 PM | Jason Clement in Industry News

Hey guys, Just to give you an update -- the forums are currently down because our web host is migrating our server, so certain functionality is cut off for a time until they can get everything running once more. I'm hoping the forum will be up and run...

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Zero Escape: The Nonary Games will collect the first two games on PS4 and Vita next year

Nov 01 2016 03:19 PM | Jason Clement in Sony

If you've missed the Zero Escape games so far, you'll finally have a chance to play through them. While they originally debuted on the 3DS and PS Vita, Aksys Games is collecting them together in one package, dubbed Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. You'l...

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thatgamecompany is finally teasing its next game

Nov 01 2016 10:14 AM | Jason Clement in Sony

It's been over four and a half long years since thatgamecompany released Journey, its last title and critical indie darling hit. While they'd released two games prior to that (Flow and Flower), Journey was the game that really put them on the map with...

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