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Archos GamePad Misses Holiday; Out Early 2013

Android portable

The Archos GamePad is yet another Android-based device which is hoping to carve out its own audience. Although the tablet has just launched in Europe, American gamers will have to wait a while before they can get their hands on it. As of right now, it is on track for an early 2013 launch.

Archos is attempting to find its own niche with their device by making sure it has controller-style buttons on it. Fortunately or unfortunately, it also appears to feature similar analog sticks to the PSP, as opposed to Vita. Then there is the expected 7" capacitive screen, wi-fi connectability, 1.6GHz dual core CPU, and Android 4.1. It also comes with a controller mapping utility which may very well be the most interesting thing about it.

Each system comes with 8 GBs of internal memory with the ability to use MicroSD cards. Although the Android marketplace may not inspire much excitement from gamers, there are still some games which may benefit from such a device. If not, we should expect it to become a popular handheld for fans of emulation on the go.


I wouldn't mind having something like this for emulation purposes.




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