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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Gets Trailer in Preparation for Launch

Baldurs Gate Bioware RPG PC

Are you a fan of Baldur's Gate? If you are, you're certainly not alone. The series began in 1998 on PCs and quickly spawned some spin offs as well a sequel. Certainly there is an undying love for the series that has continued on even without more releases. Because of the massive fan following, an "Enhanced Edition" of the original game was announced a while back. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition remakes the original but also its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is coming to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

What exactly is being "enhanced"? The graphics have received some updating treatment as well as gameplay upgrades. Gameplay in particular has seen some drastic changes for the iOS and Android ports, which of course now include much more swiping. It is said the game will mod friendly as well and that DLC is coming down the pipeline in the future. As of now, developer Overhaul Games (made up of ex-Bioware employees) plans on creating Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition after the release of this one.

Those who have pre-purchased the game through the official site are able to start downloading it now, although it won't unlock until the November 28th release date. Hoping to entice buyers, a trailer was just released today. It's available here for those curious about the title:



I've never actually played this series (except the Dark Alliance spin-offs) so I plan on checking this one out at some point, but definitely not until it's cheaper since I'm not sure I'll like it or not. Of course if a demo comes along that would help me make up my mind sooner. :lol:
I'd definitely love to revisit this game. It's a lot like Dragon Age: Origins for those of you who haven't played this game. I'll probably buy it for Mac since I don't have too many OSX games. I kinda wish it was on Steam though.




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