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Crytek USA CEO To Bid On Darksiders IP

Darksiders David Adams Crytek USA

In late January, Vigil Games failed to find a buyer after a court decision rendered that its parent company THQ was to be dissolved and have its assets auctioned off, but thankfully Crytek swooped in and employed many of Vigil's core team in order to form a new studio, Crytek USA.

Unfortunately, the Darksiders IP was not picked up by Crytek and remained unbid on, so today Crytek USA CEO David Adams tweeted his intention to bid on the Darksiders IP when THQ auctions off the rest of its properties in April, saying:

"Going to bid on Darksiders IP. Put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise, and I think it belongs at home with its creators."

Since Crytek was not interested in pursuing the Darksiders IP when it was being auctioned off along with Vigil, it's unknown what effect this would have if Adams successfully won the bid. It's always possible that Crytek could change their stance on developing the IP further, but in the meantime it seems that it's not part of the agenda.

Note: It's difficult to verify the validity of this Twitter account as the actual David Adams since the account only has 10 tweets so far and was started in the latter half of 2012, but many of the tweets are development-focused and mention Darksiders II, and also do seem to be in line with certain events as they happened (such as the release of Darksiders II and the dissolving of THQ).

Unofficially, it would seem that everything checks out and that it really is Crytek USA's CEO, but until his identity can be proven further, you'll have to take this one with a grain of salt.

Source: Twitter


It would be pretty cool if they were able to continue working on Darksiders, and do so with maybe some juicy new tech from Crytek...but there's also that part of me that still wants to see what Platinum could do with the series, so I'm not sure who to root for to win the auction.
I'm just hoping some developer picks up Darksiders and continues the series though wishing platinum games does bid and win. I'd be happy. :)
Just seeing how many gaming companies are having troubles makes me really sad THQ was filled with good games and potential. This days even AAA company's like Square Enix are having a bit of trouble. Maybe the gaming industry wont see another fall but we are certainly seeing the recession take its tole on gaming.

Hope Darksiders finds a good home I'm not a fan of the IP but I wouldn't like it going down hill just because it couldn't find a proper place to stay.




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