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Yuji Hori confirms Dragon Quest XI is coming to the West in 2018

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, one of Japan's biggest and most anticipated games of the year, is finally launching in the country this weekend. And while fans of the series in the West will surely be jealous, they also have reason to celebrate today.

While some may have seen the news coming, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Hori confirmed in a video to fans that Dragon Quest XI will indeed be making its way west in 2018. The news comes after fans have been patiently waiting for news for years now of whether the game would get a release outside Japan.

While no platforms were announced by Hori or Square Enix just yet, it appears likely that the PlayStation 4 version will be released. What's not quite as certain is whether we will get the 3DS version. However, Nintendo has released all main Dragon Quest games since Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen on the DS, with Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII just releasing last Fall and early this year, respectively.

Square Enix has announced before that it will bring Dragon Quest XI to the Switch at a later date.

Check out Yuji Hori's message to fans regarding the announcement below.

Source: Press Release


If we end up only getting the 3DS version I'll be upset, since I think I'd like the newer games in the series (or rather, I think I'd like DQ9 and the remakes of 8 and whatever the other one was on 3DS) but I'd never get around to finishing them, much less even playing them in the first place when they're on handheld. Having one of the games on PS4 would mean I'd finally have no reason to keep ignoring the series beyond Musou spinoffs.


Or they could just do more remakes and release them on Switch or PC or anything besides handheld. That would also work.




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