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Dragon Quest XI release date announced for Japan

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time Dragon Quest Square Enix 3DS PS4

Getting a new numbered Dragon Quest game is a pretty rare and special event these days, similar to getting new console Zelda titles. Fortunately, Japanese fans of the series finally got to hear what they had been waiting for -- the game's release date.

Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time will be released in Japan on July 29 on both PlayStation 4 and 3DS. Hardware bundles are underway for each version from their prospective platform holders (Sony and Nintendo), and it was also announced that the story would take some 50 hours to complete, with side quests bringing the total amount to 100 hours in all.

Trailers were also shown as well. Check out the one below that mixes the PS4 and 3DS footage together.

Hopefully a North American release date isn't far off. We'll be getting a new Nintendo Direct detailing upcoming games so perhaps we'll hear something then or at E3 in two months.

Source: Gematsu

Are you looking forward to Dragon Quest XI?


I've never really been able to get into the series for varying reasons. The first one I ever tried was DQ8 and at the time I wasn't really into RPGs, so the really old-school feel of the battle system definitely didn't do anything for me. Nowadays all of the games have been on handheld so I've stayed away from them because I never finish RPGs on handhelds. I hope if this one does come west the PS4 version makes it over (like, I could see Nintendo publishing the 3DS version, so I hope somehow we get both versions and not just that) so I can finally see what's so special about these games.

FFBE suppose to have a global DQ collaboration which  definitely makes me want to know more about the series and maybe even play it one day.




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