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Dreamcast Game The Ghost Blade Special Edition Up for Pre-Order

homebrew indie Dreamcast special edition

Are you tired of news about special edition after special edition for modern consoles like PS3 and 360? If you've still got a Dreamcast kicking around then perhaps HuCast Games will have you covered with their upcoming shooter. The Ghost Blade is currently up for pre-order and it's a nice little edition.

The vertically-scrolling shooter currently has no release date but that didn't stop it from having a collector's edition created. The set will contain a copy of the game, soundtrack CD, SuperPlay DVD, color manual, sticker set, beta demo discs, and a 24 page art book. It might not be the most impressive collection out there, but you have to keep in mind that this is a homebrew developer we're talking about here and not a massive company.

The Ghost Blade Collector's Edition is set to have a very limited print run. There will be only 300 made, although the game itself will be available in larger quantities. This edition costs approximately $110 so hurry and get it pre-ordered if the CE is that appealing to you.


Tempted to get this solely for collectors value. Don't have the money just now though, do they charge you as soon as you order or when they ship?
Unfortunately that's something I don't know as I'm not ordering the game myself. I would like to think they would wait to charge since this pre-order item doesn't even have a release date set yet, but they may just charge alongside the order :(.




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