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Final Fantasy XV's July DLC update brings Magitek Exosuits

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Another month, another set of DLC updates for Final Fantasy XV. This month sees four new updates, the biggest of them being the wearable Magitek Exosuits.

Essentially, the Magitek Exosuits will grant players 30 minutes of invincibility per day, which can be useful for the more dangerous enemies out there. And even after the invincibility wears off, you can still wear the suit.

Next up is a new quest called "O Partner, My Partner," which is accessible at Meldacio Hunter HQ after you complete Chapter 8.

There's also a new "Cross Chain" system which lets players increase the number of linked attacks, causing massive damage to more heavily defended enemies. But it's only available after players acquire two Royal Arms: the Sword of the Wise, and Axe of the Conqueror.

Finally, the Moogle Chocobo Carnival is returning in Altissia from July 31 to September, where players can play mini-games, participate in Chocobo water races, and buy special Moogle Chocobo items at the Square Enix cafe.

Source: Press Release

Will you be checking about any of the new DLC from July's update?


Is the game hard enough where power leveling your character to max won't do you good that you'll need invincibility? Sure it'll help and when I get the game I would want that too. But most of the time I solve my problem in FF series by making sure all my characters are level 100 before I go to the final boss haha.




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