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Get the Double Dragon Neon Soundtrack for Free

free deal Double Dragon soundtrack

Recently released Double Dragon Neon has been getting a fair bit of praise. Sure, lots is due to the updating of the classic Double Dragon's gameplay, but tons of excitement has been focused around the game's soundtrack. Everything about it is both 80s style and extremely listenable.

If you've heard the songs in game and want to hear them everywhere else then you're in luck. Double Dragon Neon composer Jake Kaufman has made the entire soundtrack available on his site. Even if you haven't played the game you can head to the page and give a few tracks a listen. That's probably all you'll need to do to convince yourself you need it.

For those who simply must have the 45 track album I'm sure you're wondering about possible costs. Kaufman has been kind enough to offer up his album for no set price. That means you dictate what you're willing to spend on it. Whether you spend no money or $30 bucks you'll be set with a great new game soundtrack to listen to. Finally, if you're not convinced of Kaufman's credits, he was the composer for both Shantae soundtracks, Mighty Switch Force, Contra 4 and many other games.



This music is really awesome I am enjoying it a lot and plan to buy more
The soundtrack in the game is pretty good, but I didn't like the game itself much, which is surprising since I loved the old Double Dragon games. I guess I'm just glad I didn't pay for the game. This week's Scott Pilgrim game is pretty cool though.
Oooo, nice soundtrack. Thanks for the heads-up about it being free! :D I've always like Kaufman's stuff, so it's nice to see when he releases something new :3
The review I read said the game was kinda crappy. It only lasts for less than an hour and a lot of the flaws that the series has had for decades are still present in this release.




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