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God of War: Ascension for PS3 Leaked by Amazon - Trailer Included!

There have been little things leading to the possibility of a new God of War game for a while now, such as a retailer taking pre-orders for God of War 4 and a composer listing the same game under their resume. It's now been made official that we are indeed receiving a new entry in the series -- something that was supposed to wait until an official announcement from Sony and instead leaked by online retailer, Amazon. This particular game in the series is titled God of War: Ascension and will be making its appearance on the PlayStation 3.

Another lucky thing for us to get from this leak is a nifty looking trailer! Based on what little we are told, it appears that this game might be a prequel.


UPDATE: Sony has just officially announced God of War: Ascension on the PlayStation Blog, quite shortly after this leak reared its head.

What are your thoughts on this new God of War game?


Isn't it kind of hard to say anything about the game as this doesn't reveal anything other than it will most likely be a prequel? Doesn't show any gameplay footage/story...etc.
After God of War 3, a prequel seems underwhelming. I imagine they will have a super crazy trailer for E3 though.
I didn't expect a prequel but it could definitely be interesting.
I would figure they'd do a prequel considering he wound up wiping out the entire greek pantheon after the third game. Maybe this installment will showcase Kratos having other emotions aside from "Pissed off" and "Rip-roaring Pissed Off."
I'm not a huge fan of prequels either, I'd rather them go forward with the story and not backward. We already know about Krato's past. That being said I don't know where they could take a sequel considering how the third game played out, and sometimes prequels can be worthwhile. I'm just glad there is a new God of War coming out.




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