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Groupees Digital Tribe Bundle Includes 3-5 Games

Groupees bundle indie

Groupees is far from the most well known of bundle providers, but they keep trucking all the same. Last night they started up their Digital Tribe Bundle which includes a handful of games. In case you weren't aware, Digital Tribe references the developer of the same name who created games such as Velvet Assassin and Stronghold 3: Gold.

Here's the set of games you can get if you spend $1:
  • Monster Madness (Windows 32-bit)
  • Roogoo (Windows: Steam)
  • Section 8 (Windows: Steam)
The second tier costs $3 and gives two more games, including the one from Digital Tribe:
  • Cargo Commander (Windows, Mac, Steam)
  • Hotel Giant 2 (Windows: Steam)
Although some of the games don't look particularly appealing, Cargo Commander is a steal at $3. In comparison, it regularly costs $10 on Steam. Initially, Cargo Commander keys were not working, but the issue has since been sorted out. If you bought early and are receiving an error with the Steam key, then email support@groupees.com.

Here is a trailer to give you a taste of the bundled games:



Cargo Commander worked just fine for me with no issues :)
I do kinda want Cargo Commander, but if they're having trouble with the keys I guess I should wait. The other games in the bundle don't really do anything for me, but as you said, Cargo Commander alone is a steal at $3, and I might enjoy Section 8 assuming the single-player portion doesn't suck too much. :lol:
Venom, I just updated my post! Initial purchasers all were receiving a "duplicate code" message through Steam. However, Groupees has since fixed things so they are actually giving everyone unique codes now. Don't know how that happened to begin with but it appears fixed now!




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