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Hatoful Boyfriend Sequel is Now Available for Download

Hatoful Boyfriend Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star visual novel Hato-King otome dating sim

The only pigeon dating sim out there now has a holiday-themed sequel! Wait... There's a pigeon dating sim?!

Yes, the original Hatoful Boyfriend (which released for Valentine's Day last year) allows you to interact with and date pigeons and other birds as a human female at St. PigeoNation's Academy. It sounds absolutely silly and idiotic, but the game actually does feature some story and heart-touching moments.

This newly released sequel, Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star, expands upon the original game's characters and setting even further as you experience a winter at the St. PigeoNation Academy.

If anybirdie is interested in purchasing this fine feathered game, it's available at DLsite for the low price of $4.84. If you would like to try out the demo first, you can download it from the official Hatoful Boyfriend website.


Ooo, awesome. Does the sequel have an English translation patch yet? Or is it already in English? I haven't convinced Bacon into buying the first yet, but mark my words, we WILL own that game soon. xD
Oh my gosh yes! My sister told me all about the first game about a month ago, and I've kind of been wanting to try it since. It's nice to see that a sequel game is out now too! :D




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