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Indie Gala Colossus Bundle is Fairly Colossal

indie bundle Indie Gala PC Steam DRM-free

Another month brings another indie bundle knocking at our door. Indie Gala has gone and titled their latest bundle the Indie Gala Colossus, but with pretty good reason. As it turns out, the bundle will grant all purchasers eleven games and two soundtracks. Strangely, the higher tier that adds more games will not actually give users access to them until the second week of the sale.

Here are the lower tier games:
  • 7.62MM (Windows)
  • Darwinia (Windows/Mac/Linux, Steam)
  • Subversion City (Windows)
  • Talisman Prologue (Windows, Desura)
  • Voxel Destruction (Windows)
Paying more the current minimum ($5.55) unlocks the rest:
  • Defcon (Windows/Mac/Linux, Steam)
  • Demigod (Windows: Steam)
  • Hearts of Iron III (Windows: Steam)
  • Multiwinia (Windows/Mac, Steam)
  • Uplink (Windows/Mac/Linux, Steam)
One additional game is also included and hasn't been revealed yet, as well as two mystery albums. As usual, the longer you wait, the more expensive the bundle can become. On the other hand, it may be worth waiting to see what the extras are in case they are exciting to you. Whatever the case, the Colossus bundle is set to run for 15 days.


I don't think I've bought an Indie Gala bundle since the first one, since I wanted inMotion. I think I'll be continuing that streak with this one.




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