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Monument Valley's sequel got a surprise release today

Jun 05 2017 09:19 PM | Jason Clement in iOS/Android

First of all, if you haven't played Monument Valley, you should definitely do so. It's one of the best mobile games out there and one of the most stylistically beautiful games, period. Also, SURPRISE. The hit game got a surprise sequel that was announ...

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Pokemon GO had record-breaking sales in its first month

Aug 09 2016 04:00 AM | Jason Clement in iOS/Android

If you've been following the Pokemon GO craze over the past month, it might not surprise you that Niantic's mobile game has done very well. Crazy well, in fact. The official report is that Pokemon GO has grossed a record-breaking 200 million dollars i...

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Pokémon GO Announced For iOS and Android Devices, Coming in 2016

Sep 10 2015 02:50 AM | Jonathan Higgins in iOS/Android

The Pokémon video games have always used real-world locations as inspiration for its settings. Kanto isn’t just the region from the first games; it’s an actual place in Japan. And I’ve talked at length about how the Unova region borrows elements from b...

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Angry Birds 2 Is Coming

Jul 16 2015 01:01 PM | Jason Clement in iOS/Android

It's finally coming. Six years after the worldwide phenomenon known kicked off in 2009, Angry Birds is finally getting a sequel. Rovio is planning to give more details on the game on July 28 in San Francisco, but in the meantime, a teaser poster promis...

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Fantasy Life 2 is a Mobile Game, Skipping 3DS

Apr 07 2015 03:19 AM | Jonathan Higgins in iOS/Android

Remember when I hyped Level-5 Vision 2015 event because they promised news of a new Fantasy Life game? The presentation took place this morning, and sure enough: Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons And The Village of God is a thing. Unfortunately, it's not heade...

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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Win Fat Princess by Playing Fat Princess: Piece of Cake!

Oct 23 2014 06:47 AM | WildCardCorsair in iOS/Android

So there are a few Pokemon apps on iOS so far, but what if you are a die hard Sony fan? Well Sony Santa Monica Studios just released Fat Princess: Piece of Cake on the app store, a mobile game featuring the confection crazy, crown carrying princess fro...

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Available For iPad

Sep 30 2014 05:03 PM | Sailor Liztress in iOS/Android

Chances are just about everyone under the sun has heard of Pokemon. Though it is more likely known for the cartoon show and the many Nintendo titles, Pokemon fans can also tell you about the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It was announced by the Pokemon C...

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