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Joe Madureira Departs from Darksiders II Developer

Vigil Games Darksiders II Joe Madureira

For years, Joe Madureira (a.k.a. Joe Mad, for short) was synonymous with comic book art, but in recent years he's been recognized for his work with Vigil Games as a creative director on Darksiders and its sequel, which released just a few months back. Sadly though, it appears his time at Vigil has come to an end.

Earlier tonight, Madureira tweeted about his departure from the company, stating the following:

So long @Vigilgames @THQ thanks for all the memories! @Darksiders was definitely a career highlight. Keep on kicking ass I'm a fan for life!

It is currently unknown whether Madureira plans to continue on in video game development or if he'll go back to doing work on comics or even something else entirely, but his work with Vigil will be missed.

Are you surprised that Joe Mad is moving on from Vigil Games?


I would have been surprised Joe Mad is leaving Vigil Games but then I recalled an article about Xander Davis a former designer at Vigil who claims to have not been credited with his work on Darksiders 2. Of course the general manager at Vigil has a different take on the claims but maybe not all is well at Vigil.
I would guess this means Darksiders may come to an end. :( Unfortunate, as I was hoping that the other 2 would make an appearance as playable at some point.
Darksiders 2 didn't really sell all that well, and I'm sure THQ was really counting on a hit with that franchise since they put some decent money into it. I'm guessing we'll see the fall of THQ here in the near future, or at least a closure of Vigil Games.




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