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Mass Effect: Andromeda confirmed to launch in March

Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect Bioware EA PS4 Xbox One PC

Good news for Mass Effect fans -- the long-gestating Mass Effect: Andromeda now officially has a solid release date: March 21.

Andromeda is set 600 years after the first Mass Effect trilogy in the Andromeda Galaxy, with the goal of exploring and discovering new planets for the human race to colonize.

Despite being the first new Mass Effect entry in nearly five years, EA has said that it will be a standalone entry instead of being the first of a new trilogy. However, this doesn't mean there won't be future games that take advantage of the same setting.

General Manager of Bioware Aaron Flynn remarked on the announcement, saying:

"Mass Effect: Andromeda is our most ambitious Mass Effect game to date. We’re telling completely new stories, creating new characters, new planets, new species, and introducing new gameplay systems. And for the first time, we’re bringing Mass Effect to the FrostbiteTM game engine, an incredible engine that’s delivering a tremendous graphical jump from the trilogy to Mass Effect: Andromeda. To deliver on this, we’re taking all the time we can to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience."

Mass Effect: Andromeda is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Bioware | Mass Effect

Are you looking forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda's release in March?


I'll still play it because I love playing Mass Effect games, but...seriously, when are we gonna get a Mass Effect game that isn't all about humans being the center of the damn universe? The first trilogy is pretty much "oh look, we have a place here because one guy saved the entire galaxy by himself" and now this one is like "oh hey, we need a new planet so let's go take one" and the whole time I'm just waiting for them to let us play as an Asari or Turian or something and watch them forge their own story. If games like Dragon Age can have a self-contained story that doesn't focus on one particular group and changes subtly based on your character's origins, what's the holdup with Mass Effect?


But yeah, I just wanted to get that all out because so far I've only been able to complain about it in 140 characters. I'll still enjoy playing the game regardless. :P

Might end up getting this game even though I haven't played the first trilogy. My raid team probably will get it so I probably will end up too. Not sure if this one has MP.

I preordered this last year on Mass Effect day when the deluxe edition was mistakenly $48 instead of 70. The mistake went on for a few minutes before they fixed it. I ordered the XB1 version and it's still around that price I got. Pretty excited. I thought about getting PS4 version, but I've only played the series on 360 so I figured I continue the trend playing it on XBOX.




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