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Microsoft Game Studios announces Age of Empires IV and remastered versions of II and III

Aug 21 2017 04:28 PM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

When you think of real-time strategy (or RTS) games, there's a few that reign supreme in peoples' minds. Chances are that if you didn't think automatically think of StarCraft, you probably thought of Age of Empires, and believe it or not, but the stori...

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Microsoft teasing Xbox Project Scorpio reveal at E3 2017

Feb 16 2017 02:59 PM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

Microsoft has officially announced its plans for a press conference at E3 2017, and this year it's coming a bit earlier than usual. An entire day, in fact. This marks the first year that one of the big three console manufacturers are doing their press...

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Forza Horizon 3 dev expanding into other genres with new team

Feb 07 2017 10:17 AM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

Playground Games is one of the biggest and most successful newer developers in the game industry today -- many fans and critics alike even believe their Forza Horizon series has gone on to match and eclipse the main Forza series in quality, especially...

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UPDATE: Microsoft officially cancels Scalebound

Jan 09 2017 11:47 AM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

UPDATE Well that didn't take too long. Soon after Kotaku's rumor of Scalebound being cancelled was published, Microsoft officially confirmed the news. No reason was given as to why the decision was made, though the Microsoft representative mentioned t...

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Mass Effect 2 and 3 are now Xbox One Backward Compatible

Nov 07 2016 02:55 PM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

If you've been clamoring to replay your old Xbox 360 copies of Mass Effect 2 and 3 but don't want to dust off and hook up your Xbox 360 to play them, I have good news for you. Xbox's Larry Hryb confirmed today that in light of N7 Day, Mass Effect 2 an...

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Cuphead now delayed to 2017

Oct 13 2016 10:05 AM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

There have already been a few high profile games delayed into 2017 this Fall, from Mass Effect Andromeda to Horizon Zero Dawn and even Gravity Rush 2 (as of last week), and unfortunately, one more game is getting added to that list now. Cuphead, one o...

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E3 2016: Dead Rising 4 confirmed to be a timed exclusive for Xbox One

Jun 16 2016 01:06 PM | Jason Clement in Microsoft

We've known about Dead Rising 4 for a while now, and it was slated to be one of the biggest exclusives that Microsoft had in its upcoming lineup. However, news has surfaced from E3 2016 regarding that exclusivity, and a representative from Capcom has c...

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