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Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Bursts Onto XBLA Today

XBLA Phantom Breaker beat em up

Have you been waiting for a new beat 'em up to play on XLBA? If so, then perhaps Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds will be up your alley. The game takes on a 2D pixel-styled appearance with chibi characters. Mages have brought the game West and this will actually be the first game they have ever released in North America.

There are four players to choose from and of course you can team up with friends in co-op to beat up everything in sight. Both online and local co-op (up to four players) are included. Four modes are also included which are story, arcade, co-op, and battlegrounds.

If the name seems familiar that's because Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is itself a spin off of the game Phantom Breaker. What makes this notable is that game actually has not come out yet. A multitude of delays have kept it from arriving and so it seems especially odd that the spin off will see release first. Regardless, Battle Grounds is out today and costs 800 Microsoft Points.

Here's the official trailer to see what you're in for:



That game looks a lot like the Scott Pilgrim one...
I was about to say....

Yeah where IS the actual Phantom Breaker game?! Feels like years ago that I preordered that sucker.
I though it was cancelled...but maybe it rose from the dead...
It definitely looks eerily similar to Scott Pilgrim.

The game has not been canceled yet but it may be in the future. Here is the latest post about the game (from February 7th): https://www.facebook...406439632778708
Ah. Would be nice to see it finally come out. I tried the Japanese demo some time back and it didn't seem too bad.




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