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Neilsen Graphs Indicate That U.S. Kids Want an iPad More Than a Wii U

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It looks like kids in the U.S. are crazy for Apple this holiday season. Neilsen graphs show that the Apple iPad takes the top spot, with 48% for kids aged 6-12 and 21% for those aged 13+.

For those aged 6-12, that's a whopping 9% over the newly released Nintendo Wii U. The iPod Touch, iPad Mini, and iPhone also take spots in the top five for the same age group.

Another tidbit of information out of these graphs, that's rather amusing, is that the PlayStation Move is tied with the Vita at 14% for kids aged 6-12. The PSP is also more desired than both at 18%.

You can check out both of the graphs below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

What do you think about Apple products being the dominating items on kids' holiday wishlists?


I'm glad some folks at Nielsen got paid to say that kids respond favorably to brand names.

R.I.P. purple drink, long live SunnyD
Meh. I'd rather have a Wii U than an iPad, so there. :P

Kids just want whatever's "in" so this is nothing new. Back in 2006 everyone wanted a Wii because it was the next big thing, now tablets are the new "it" gadget so everyone's clamoring for those. Next year it'll probably be the Ouya or something...there's always going to be something that just everyone HAS to have.
Not surprising. My son is 9 and he wants an iPad and Vita for Christmas. I haven't decided which one to get him yet, but he's not getting both. Lol. I don't think the Wii U is all that appealing to kids the way the Wii was.




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