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New Dragon's Dogma Trailer and Demo Coming Soon

Capcom's foray into the action RPG realm Dragon's Dogma is well on its way. And to remind us of that fact, a new trailer and soon-to-be-demo are set to release.

The latest trailer shows the hero and her party face off against a gnarly griffin. The battle seems to have a mix of realistic and mystical skills used to dispatch the foe.


The demo, which is slated to arrive on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live next week, will showcase two scenarios: the first has a group of fighters facing a chimera in an underground cavern. The other centers on an archer classed warrior sent to tussle with the griffin showcased in the trailer.

So far the gameplay and general feel has a mixed spirit of the realistic terror of Demon Souls and the fantastical open-ended world of Skyrim or Amalur. Whether Capcom can pull off a solid performance will be discovered upon the game's release stateside on May 22.


Pretty cool video. I think I'll end up liking the game because it definitely looks like a challenge to defeat some enemies so far.




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