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Nintendo Download - July 2nd, 2015 (North America)

Jul 02 2015 05:12 AM | Jonathan Higgins in Nintendo

This week's Nintendo Download brings a legendary game to the Wii U Virtual Console, offers a handful of decent sales, and has a few adventurous games of note. To start with: Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 ($39.99) arrived on the Nintendo 3DS eShop this...

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Why Nintendo Usually Doesn't Release Games Over the Summer

Jul 01 2015 12:31 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

If you own a Nintendo platform, chances are you're aware of the dearth of first-party games over the course of the Summer. Why doesn't the Big N typically release games over the Summer? Nintendo's Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Charlie S...

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Nintendo Download - June 25th, 2015 (North America)

Jun 25 2015 05:12 AM | Jonathan Higgins in Nintendo

I can’t be too upset with this week’s Nintendo Download. I know we’re not getting Yoshi’s Woolly World this week like Europe, and we’re missing out on their double dose of Kirby in the form of Squeak Squad and Kirby 64. But a lot of this week’s release...

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Nintendo Wanted Criterion to Make F-Zero at One Point

Jun 23 2015 12:46 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

F-Zero fans, brace yourself — a new report from Unseen 64's Tamaki reveals that Nintendo had at one point contacted developer Criterion Games to develop a new F-Zero game. The news comes via an anonymous source who spoke with Tamaki, but was then verif...

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Mario Maker Rebranded as Super Mario Maker, Plus New Details

Jun 14 2015 06:16 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 certainly ended with quite a bang today in Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, the final game that closed out the tournament turned out to be the game previously known as Mario Maker, which now has "Super" added to the...

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Nintendo Announces Blast Ball for 3DS

Jun 14 2015 05:40 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

Nintendo of America announced yet a second game during the Nintendo World Championships 2015 today; this one being a new IP called Blast Ball, a sort of take on soccer but with mechs, and shooting the ball instead of kicking it. The game was announced...

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Nintendo Announces Earthbound Beginnings For Release On Wii U Later Today

Jun 14 2015 02:24 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

Yup, it's happening. In a surprise announcement during the Nintendo World Championships 2015, Nintendo announced a localization of Mother for release on Wii U Virtual Console in North America, which would be called Earthbound Beginnings. Even more exc...

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