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Nintendo Announces Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition for North America

Aug 29 2015 05:11 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

If you've been stewing in misery over some of the great special editions for Nintendo games that other territories have been getting over the years, I have good news for you — Nintendo of America has been listening. Tonight at PAX Prime 2015, Nintendo...

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GAME Leak Confirms Shovel Knight Amiibo Is Coming

Aug 27 2015 11:49 AM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

The Shovel Knight mystery deepens! As we reported earlier in the week, rumors have been circulating that Shovel Knight will appear as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and the announcement could come as early as tonight. Whi...

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The Pokemon Company Alludes to More Happening Than Just Pokkèn Tournament in Early 2016

Aug 26 2015 12:18 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

The announcement about Pokkèn Tournament coming to the Wii U was certainly welcome to hear last week, but it's beginning to sound as if it won't be the main Pokèmon thing happening next year if The Pokèmon Company has anything to say about it. Nintend...

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Rumor: Shovel Knight May Be Coming to Super Smash Bros.

Aug 26 2015 11:27 AM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

Shovel Knight is by far one of the most popular third-party characters that have been requested by fans for inclusion in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, but could such an addition actually happen? According to mounting evidence from several source...

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Nintendo Announces Release Dates for Fall and Holiday 2015 Games Lineup

Aug 24 2015 11:28 AM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

Lots of Nintendo news today as the company completely unveils full plans for its Fall and Holiday 2015 lineup. That means official release dates for most of the games are finally here. It was also announced that a new dual-pack consisting of New Super...

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Is WayForward Teasing a New Mighty Switch Force Game?

Aug 21 2015 12:56 PM | Jason Clement in Nintendo

UPDATE: A pinned tweet on WayForward's Twitter timeline refers to "Cadet Wagon," giving further evidence that the new Mighty Switch Force game will in fact be a prequel. ORIGINAL STORY: It's been a few years since the release of Mighty Switch Force 2,...

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Pokkén Tournament Confirmed for Wii U, Spring 2016 Global Launch

Aug 21 2015 05:46 AM | Jonathan Higgins in Nintendo

It’s been rocking arcades in Japan since July, and many fans were doubtful we’d see it anytime soon because it was missing at this year’s E3. But Pokkén Tournament was officially confirmed for Wii U at the Pokémon World Championship this morning, and i...

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