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April Wii U Update Fixes Long Menu Loading

Wii U update

A while back, Nintendo let gamers know that there would be two major updates coming to the Wii U. Because the size of each would be large it was deemed best to release them in two time frames instead of both at once. Either way, one was dated for spring and the other for summer. The first of these updates will be out in April.

The update is all about speed of returning to the Wii U home menu directly from a game. Now, this might sound supremely insignificant, but if you've played a Wii U then you're probably aware of the strangely long load time when doing so. It isn't a game breaker but it does seem oddly long in comparison to other consoles.

That doesn't mean the system is now able to quit a game at lighting fast speed either, but it's better. If you were one to complain about the loading speed then check out the video and see if the improvement is enough for you.



A very welcome fix.
Indeed. Looking forward to this and the upcoming Wii U eShop in April.
By the time I finally get a WiiU it'll be perfect right? :D




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