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ARMS and Splatoon 2 both dated for release, new modes and characters announced

Splatoon 2 ARMS Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's new IP ARMS and the multiplayer-centric Splatoon 2 are the next major new first party releases in the Switch's line-up, and today we finally got to hear a bit more about them, as well as when we'll get to play them.

First off, the Nintendo Direct yesterday revealed that in ARMS, each fighter will be able to equip two different types of customizable ARMS. These can range from standard gloves to more specialized ones, and each ARM will have an elemental attribute (ice, fire, electricity) that adds extra effects. A new, ramen-armed female character named Min-Min was also announced.

ARMS is set to release on June 16 for Switch, and a special neon yellow Joy-Con controller is set to launch alongside it as well (sold separately). Check out the video segment for the new content below.

Meanwhile, the Direct focused on a new area/mode in Splatoon 2 called Salmon Run. It's a four-player, co-op-based mode where players will do battle against a new type of species called the Salmonid. Also when co-op partners fall, they can be revived by teammates by being shot with ink on the battlefield. Not bad!

Splatoon 2 will debut on Switch a month after ARMS on July 21. Be sure to check out Salmon Run in the video below.

Source: Nintendo Direct

Are you looking forward to ARMS and/or Splatoon 2?


I don't really care about ARMS since it looks like a Kinect game that got ported backwards to the Wii, but I'm stoked for Splatoon 2 and will probably buy a Switch and the game on launch day. The horde mode is pretty cool but I'm definitely down for some more PvP splatting, so much that this could finally be the game to break my Overwatch addiction. xD I kinda wish it was coming out sooner but this at least puts it closer to the year-end lineup so I won't have to wait as long for another good Switch game to come out after I get the system.

Both games looks interesting. I think arms will be interesting but not sure if I will enjoy it that much. So is this Splatoon similar to the first game with those 4 inkling?




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