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Shantae and Shovel Knight are coming to Blaster Master Zero as playable characters

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Inti Creates may have had a hand in the development of last year's critically lambasted Mighty No. 9, but the studio is firing on all cylinders this year with the the positive reception from Blaster Master Zero and the recently released Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

That momentum kept going yesterday as they announced at Anime Expo 2017 that Shovel Knight and Shantae would be coming to Blaster Master Zero as DLC EX characters very soon; both of which fundamentally change up the game in pretty notable ways.

Shovel Knight effectively acts as a melee character with a similar moveset to that of his own game, using his shovel as an attack and also being able to bounce off enemies with a downward thrust when he jumps. Similarly, Shantae also has pretty much the same classic moveset from her own games, which is attacking with her hair and magic as well as transforming into animals with special skills.

Inti Creates is offering both characters for free when each debuts, but will then charge $1.99 for each when the free period ends. The period for when you can download them for free is as follows:

EX Character: Shantae – 7/6/2017~7/19/2017
EX Character: Shovel Knight – 8/3/2017~8/16/2017

And as if that isn't enough for you, Inti Creates also teased that this isn't the end of new updates for Master Blaster Zero. More info on what's next for the game will be announced in the coming weeks and months. Could more DLC characters be in the works? Or will they add more game modes? We'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer for Shovel Knight and Shantae in Master Blaster Zero below.

Source: Inti Creates

Are you excited for Shovel Knight and Shantae? Are you planning to play through the game as them?


I'm always looking forward to anything Shovel Knight related. I have this game on 3DS but kinda stopped in the middle of it because I'm bad about actually playing my handheld games, like, ever (it's a miracle I played it as much as I have already) so I think I'm going to end up getting the Switch version as soon as I have the system. I'll probably miss out on getting Shantae for free in the Switch version (I can add her on the 3DS one if I remember, which I probably won't because I forgot to download Ekoro) but at least I'll get Shovel Knight. :D




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