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Club Nintendo's Download Titles for February

Since Club Nintendo added redeemable games that change every month to the list of their prizes, it has been fun to wait and see what would be next. Well, it's the start of a new month so the latest titles are out in the open. Unfortunately this is quite a paltry listing of games in comparison to the last few months.

Here's the selection of titles:
  • Art Academy: First Semester (3DS) - 150 Coins
  • Mario Party 2 (VC) - 150 Coins
Yep, that's everything! The price seems about right but it's sad to see Nintendo won't always offer up one game for each of their various digital services. It's also worth noting that Art Academy is also available for DSi, but in this case you can only grab the 3DS version.

Hopefully Nintendo will get back into the swing of things next month with a larger set of downloadable goodies. It would certainly be a shame if they decided to start focusing on downloads mainly for their most current platforms instead of everything they've got. Either way, at least they're offering download games monthly, because it's still a pretty great deal.





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