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Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Announced

We've known that the secret Pokemon game announcement was coming this weekend, but I don't think anyone expected this- instead of a third standalone game this generation, it appears we will be receiving dual sequels to Pokemon Black and White, appropriately named Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.

Both games are scheduled to release in June on the Nintendo DS. The official website mentions a new "mysterious legendary Pokemon" along with showing pictures of Zekrom and Reshiram (Black and White's respective legendaries) which seem to be fused with Kyurem.

No word is given on a US release date, but the US website says to "stay tuned."

Are you surprised by the two new games? Let us know below!

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Consider me surprised. Well, Nintendo is gonna get more of my money again...
Long story short, I'd play it.
Wow this is very surprising to be honest lol. So a sequel huh? well if i see big improvements i might pick it up =]
Another Black and White for the DS? Weak!
They should have gone with gray, midnight black/cloud white or "Back 2 Black" and 2 White, 2 furious." It really is more of a display for their lack of commitment for the system, but to be fair their target market is still toting their DSes. They will say they want a fresh pokemon mothership game for the 3ds
I have to lol for "Back 2 Black" and "2 White 2 Furious"
I love how imaginative the pokemon are on the picture. I think they're gonna run out of pokemon here soon.




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