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QA Tester from TT Games Shows Redesigned Wii U Tablet

Once you put something on the internet, you won't be able to take it back. And people WILL see it. This happened in the case of a QA tester from TT Games (best known for their LEGO games such as LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Batman), who tweeted an image of an apparently redesigned Wii U tablet controller (as seen below).

Here are the new features:

  • Concave circle pads replaced with Wii-style analog sticks
  • + and - buttons moved from the bottom, near the home button, to the right under the ABXY buttons
  • Home button surrounded by a light ring
  • Unknown button indentations under d-pad and power button
  • Wii U logo moved to bottom left-hand side

The tweet was quickly removed and the QA tester's account seemingly deleted since.

Posted Image

What are your thoughts on the Wii U tablet redesign?


Uh, I'm not really all that interested in the tablet. I want to know what the console looks like! Nintendo has seemingly avoided every stinking detail regarding the actual hardware of their 'next-gen' system. Why have they still not clarified anything about the main console yet? This is the reason their stock values fell.
I'm still at a loss for how that thing is meant to feel comfortable in your hands.

I'm still at a loss for how that thing is meant to feel comfortable in your hands.

It doesn't even remotely look ergonomic. I would say that the analog sticks should be below the buttons, but then they would be a little awkward to move. It looks like there's a lot of extra plastic they could afford to lose around the edges of the controller to make the thing a little smaller. I don't see many positives with this controller, but at least they fixed the analog sticks.
Reaching that dpad is going to be painful.
To anyone wondering about ergonomics, these design charts showed up on Neogaf comparing the new controller to the one last year at E3. Obviously we can't confirm its validity, but it looks pretty spot on and I wouldn't be surprised if it actually is real.

Gearbox's President also said in a new Gamespot video (featuring Aliens: Colonial Marines) on Friday that the controller is the best that Nintendo has created thus far and the best shooter controller he's used (he says it around the 7:28 mark in the video), so it'll be interesting to see what it's like at E3. I'm reserving judgement until I actually get to hold it, but so far I'm hearing nothing but good things from those who have actually held and used it.
I just don't see the Wii U being a successful step forward for Nintendo. Since it is launching so far ahead of the PS4 and Xbox 720, the Wii U doesn't really separate itself on price or quality because it will be compared to the PS3 and 360. While the Wii was less powerful and less capable than the PS3 and 360, it had a number of advantages. The Wii had tons of exclusive games because they just weren't compatible with the other consoles especially before the Move. This time around many of the games will be the same across consoles but with tablet controls on the Wii U. The similar approach of adding Move controls to multiplatform games hasn't really pushed many copies for the PS3 this generation.

To sum it up, because of when the Wii U is launching and the multiplatform software it will support I think the tablet controller will narrow the Wii U's audience as opposed to expanding it like the Wiimote did for the Wii.




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