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Super Retro Boy in the works, will play all Game Boy era titles

Super Retro Boy Retro-Bit Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance

We've had our fair share of third-party-developed retro consoles over the past few years (such as Hyperkin's Retron 5), but surprisingly not as many retro handhelds. That's about to change, however, with the Super Retro Boy from Retro-Bit.

This Game Boy throwback is set to play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games; has a TFT HD scratch-resistant screen; a 10-hour battery life; four action buttons; and a 10-in-1 game cartridge (no details on what will be on the game cartridge just yet).

The concept image makes it look pretty sleek, so color me intrigued by this, but it should be noted that there are no 'L' and 'R' buttons (or anything replacing them on the shoulder area), which GBA games often use. It's likely that these buttons were mapped to the two extra action buttons that were added to the unit, but even so, it may make for awkward controlling when playing games that require L and R use.

Retro-Bit is aiming to release the Super Retro Boy in August for a targeted price of $79.99.

Source: Nintendo Life

Does the Super Retro Boy interest you?


Hmm, I feel like they already made something that played GBA, GBC, and GB titles, and had a L and R button, rechargable battery, and a backlit screen and everything...what was it, what was it....oh, right, I think it was some unknown thing called the Gameboy Advance SP. Which you can totally get like super cheap! (used, but still)


Joking aside, I guess it's cool for people who don't want to chance it with a used GBA/SP. So...there's that. The HD screen doesn't really matter since you're still playing the same games so they can't exactly look any better than they already do. I'd probably care more if I had any Gameboy games since any GB system I'd play them on might be a little worse for wear at this point, but otherwise I dunno why you'd need one.

Like Venom said I already have a nice GBA SP so this is not something I need. Also, you should be careful of 3rd party systems that can be very buggy and unreliable like the crummy Retrons.

This is nice. Don't think I have anything that play all the GB games. But the whole no L and R button might not work out if it turns out to be a big hassle to use the other buttons.




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