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Nintendo details exactly what's in Breath of the Wild's first DLC pack

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Ever since the "Expansion Pass" for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was announced, fans have been wondering exactly what will be released in each of the three DLC packs that comprises it. While Nintendo released a rough outline of what would be in each pack, the official details on the first DLC pack have come through today, and it contains even more than what was first announced.

First off, the first DLC pack will be called The Master Trials. Here's what it contains:

Trial of the Sword

Previously known as "The Cave of Trials," this will be accessible location will serve as a challenge for Link where he'll need to defeat enemies in each room to continue on. Much like Eventide Island, he'll start off without armor or weapons, and the trial will include some 45 rooms in all. If he manages to beat it, you'll unlock the true power of the Master Sword and it will always be in its glowing state.

Posted Image

Hard Mode

What it sounds like. Essentially this raises all monsters' levels by one, so Red Bokoblins will now be Blue ones and so forth. Enemies will also recover health over time, forcing you to defeat them quickly if you want to move on, and they'll spot Link more easily as well. Finally, new, floating planks (with balloons) will be scattered across Hyrule where Link can battle enemies and find new treasure.

Hero's Path

One of the most useful-sounding additions so far -- essentially, this documents every path Link has taken around Hyrule in green since the start of your adventure. It will record your last 200 hours of travel, so you'll have a better idea of where you've been on the map and where you haven't.

Travel Medallion

Ever wish you could travel to a certain spot but no shrine, tower, village, or stable was nearby? Now you can, registering up to one temporary point you can return to at any time. You'll have to find the chest that the Travel Medallion is hiding in first, however.

Korok Mask

Ya-ha-ha! When you find it, this new item will help you locate those sneaky Koroks. No more combing the map blindly for them!

Posted Image

8 new pieces of outfits/equipment

Also one of the most interesting pieces in this DLC; among them are Majora's Mask, Midna's Helmet, Tingle's Outfit, and the Phantom Armor (that Zelda wears/inhabits in Spirit Tracks).

Oh, and I almost forgot...

Option to switch the game's audio between 9 differerent languages

This update is actually a free one that isn't tied to the Expansion Pass. Were you disappointed you were stuck with English audio when you played through the NA version of the game? Now you'll be able to play through the game with one of eight other audio voice tracks (and on-screen text), including Japanese, French (Canada), French (France), German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, and Russian. Also, Wii U players will need to download a Voice Pack from the eShop to experience this option.

The good news is you won't have to wait long for DLC Pack 1; it's slated to release this Summer. DLC Pack 2 will arrive a little bit later during the Holiday season, and will be detailed a little before that time likely.

Source: Nintendo

What are your thoughts on Breath of the Wild's first DLC pack from the Expansion Pass?


Awwww but I like looking for the Korok I have become a master at finding them. Sounds like some fun and useful stuff. I need to get back to Zelda it fell into limbo when I went off to play other games. That is always a no no it's hard for me to pick up a game I stopped playing. :(

A lot of this sounds like stuff that should have been in the game anyway, but whatever. I'm done with BotW and not even any kind of substantial story content could bring me back. Not that it seems like there's going to be any of that anyway.

Seems like the DLC isn't about continuing the story but for hardcore Zelda gamer who wants to have some bragging rights.




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