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Pokemon Announcement Coming on Japanese TV Show

GameFreak director Junichi Masuda has decided to stir up a potential Vespiquen nest this week by stating that an important announcement was on the way. With so many potential irons in the fire, it's a toss-up as to what this announcement could be, but a lot of people are speculating one thing: A new Pokemon game.

On his website today, Masuda announced that he intended to appear on TV TOKYO's television show, "Pokemon Smash!", to make what he called a "VERY important announcement!" He advised everyone to look for it on television, but being that that isn't exactly a possibility for most of us, he did state that afterwards, the announcement would appear on his Twitter.

Many may be suspecting Pokemon Grey Version to be announced, and others still may believe it to be a 3DS Pokemon game. There's also the upcoming Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition on its way, so it could simply be some additional information about that, not to mention quite a few non-main series Pokemon games in existence.

As the show, as well as the subsequent tweets, are going live on Sunday, we'll all know for sure then. Keep an eye out for it here.

What do you think the announcement will be? A new main series game? Pokemon Grey? Something else entirely?


Well It could be Pokemon Gray or a Spin off game or Ruby and Sapphire remake. The reason i don't believe its the next pokemon game is cuz the anime in Japan of black and white is not finished yet... So they can' reveal the next game just yet since that's how gamefreak does it. So i am interested in the news.
Yeah, I think there's a lot of credibility to the Ruby/Sapphire thing. Each of the remakes came out with one system in between the one the originals came out for and the one the remakes came out for, so that's entirely possible. Plus, RG's remakes came out after RSE came out, and GS's remakes came out after DPP came out. So it sorta tracks.
You know, if memory serves me correct, I think Pokemon Black/White was announced the same way. At least when they barely showed off early game footage. So now I'm beginning to believe we may get a new main entry pokemon game soon or the remakes (even if I shrugged it off when 1st heard these rumors.)
Look out, it's the Pokemon MMO for the Wii U!
Mystery solved the games announced was Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.




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