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Project Sonic 2017's full name revealed and first gameplay footage shown

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Project Sonic 2017 was initially announced last year as the next new 3D Sonic game in the works, but little else was revealed beyond a short trailer that didn't include any gameplay. That is, until yesterday. Sega has now announced that the game's title will be Sonic Forces.

The reasoning for the name has yet to be revealed, but it seems to imply that Sonic may team up and unite with other characters to stand against Eggman's latest machinations; we'll have to wait for the official synopsis from Sega to be sure.

Also, the first gameplay footage for the game was revealed at SXSW, where it shows Sonic racing through a city that appears to be under siege by Eggman's robots.

We'll likely have to wait just a bit longer for Sega to completely spill the [chili] beans on this one, so you can probably expect to hear more at E3 2017 in just a few short months. In the meantime, Sonic Forces is currently slated to launch during Holiday 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What do you think of Sonic Forces' name and first footage?


I'm kinda looking forward to this (not nearly as much as Sonic Mania though) since it's basically a Generations sequel, but I'm not just like, SUPER hyped for it either. Probably because it isn't Sonic Mania. Though it would be a bad thing if it was Sonic Mania because then that would mean I'd have to wait even longer for it, so I guess I'm glad it isn't.


Yeah, that little 30 second gameplay clip doesn't really give much to talk about so I just had to talk about Sonic Mania some more.

This looks like Sonic Generation with the 3D aspect and I don't think I like it. Already getting a headache just from the trailer. I think Sonic needs to be 2D for me.




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