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RAGE Tool Kit Hits Steam Today

RAGE Bethesda id Software development tools mod Steam

Are you a creative person who loves messing around with GMod, Skyrim Creation Kit, Source Filmmaker, Unreal Engine, or anything of that sort? If you enjoy modding as well as id Software's RAGE, then today's release of the Rage Tool Kit may be worth looking into.

Bethesda's official blog broke the news of the Tool Kit finally being available. It has yet to go live in all regions, but when it does then anyone shall be able to grab it off Steam. This is not a stripped down version of anything but the same tools that id Software used to develop RAGE. A download grants users access to idStudio and all game assets for the title.

Unfortunately, all this tech comes at a cost. No, the set is free, but it will take up 35GBs of hard drive space. Of course, RAGE itself is 25GBs and all of those assets are a part of the package. If you're not sure about what the RAGE Tool Kit has to offer then take a look at a PDF which details what to expect.


The whole reason I don't have Rage on PC, where I prefer FPS games, is because of the size (that and it would take FOREVER to download) so adding something even larger would just be way too much. I suppose it is nice that they're just giving it to players, though I wonder how many people still even play the game regularly. I guess this will give them a reason to get back into it though.




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